Blog: Gabe Rataj


Hi, I’m Gabe and I’m currently doing my last day of work experience here at Half Moon Theatre. It’s been a great week and I’m going to tell you all about it, hopefully in a satisfactory amount of detail.

Tuesday was my first day – I was really scared at first, but once I arrived, everyone was very helpful and the work was quite easy to do, which was a huge relief. First, I started off by typing up some of the responses to the careers in theatre workshops, which was surprisingly fun. I had my lunch and watched a production meeting for a play before watching a bit of the rehearsal for it. Everyone was really friendly and the rehearsal was really interesting to watch as I got to see the actors develop new ideas for the play. After this, I got to watch Eclipse’s session and it was really fun to see everyone’s ideas. I finished the day at 6pm and in a pretty great mood.

Wednesday was even better, as I got to see more of the rehearsals for the play and take photos before watching Solar’s session. It was a lot of fun and I got to take part – everyone was really nice and the atmosphere was pretty great. It really made my day.

I couldn’t stay for the whole of Thursday, as I had to leave early for an appointment, but it was still a pretty great day for me. For about an hour I was down in the basement sorting out props for a show – it took a while, but once I was done I was pretty proud of myself. I was pretty sad to have to leave early but at least the time I had on Thursday was not wasted. By then, I was pretty comfortable at the theatre and I wasn’t as scared as before.

This all brings me to today – it’s Saturday and it’s my last day doing work experience here. I arrived less than an hour ago and I’m really looking forward to the day ahead- I’m going to get to see a show in about twenty minutes, which I’m really excited about.

This week was a great experience and I’m so grateful to have been able to spend a week here. I’m really going to miss it, and I hope today will be as great as the last few days.

Gabe Rataj came to us from Bishop Challoner Catholic School (Tower Hamlets) from 23rd-28th February 2015.