Blog: Grace Hornett

GraceI was luckily given the opportunity to spend a week doing my work experience placement at Half Moon Theatre. This was a wonderful chance for me to see what really goes on in the day to day running of a performing arts business.

Over the week I carried out several tasks – some more interesting than others – including adding to a database, printing and laminating resources for a workshop programme called Dramatic Maths, and watching a rehearsal for Up in the Attic, as well as helping out at the open days.

My particular interest within the world of performing arts is in music, so watching a rehearsal for Up in the Attic, which features music as an integral part of the story, was a great experience for me to find out how live music is incorporated into plays. The play is about a girl who is afraid of the dark going on a journey to find the moon which has mysteriously disappeared.

The whole experience was a brilliant way to find out what work is really like and the Half Moon Theatre gave the perfect mix between a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and doing genuine work which (I hope) was useful.

Grace came to us from Kingsdale School (Southwark) from 15th-21st September 2014.