Blog: Jason Fox

Monday 9th November

Jason (Square)After a bus journey of questionable quality, I arrive at the theatre at 9:30, with a craving for a cup of tea to destroy my stomach lining. I get the lay of the land, and sit down, working on my blog, before cleaning out the rooms downstairs with probably the most satisfying use of the hoover I have ever experienced. I then sat down to work on the computer, making phone calls, and filling in files.


Tuesday 10th November

Starting at 12:00, I arrive to a massive pile of copying and pasting to do. Four hours, four cups of tea, three toilet breaks and one brain aneurism later, I am saved by the announcement that I will be overseeing Eclipse Youth Theatre (8-11) and am relieved. The session goes well, and all the groups perform adequately, recreating an old fairytale. I am impressed, but am confident that I NEVER want to do office work. (Saying that, I will probably spend the rest of my life as a suicidal accountant).


Wednesday 11th November

Following the extremely late start of 2:30, I oversee two Youth Theatres, one of them being Equinox, which are doing the same as Eclipse, and again, I am as impressed, if not more, than the already good performance of yesterday. I then see Solar, the group for disabled teenagers, and am blown away. They create an abstract piece about a forest, and am amazed at how clean and well made the physical performances are. I go home today feeling satisfied, and with a sense of accomplishment.


On Thursday I have a day off


Friday 13th November

Just another day of computer work, nothing special, but thankfully Tuesday’s work is out of the way. This involves transferring feedback forms onto the computer, one of which tells of a boy’s discovery that “dreams are shallow”. In general, it is an average day, with nothing truly remarkable, but nothing that bad at all.


Saturday 14th November

The final day of my job, it starts off slowly, with the filing of some sheets, but as the day goes on, I work with the youngest Youth Theatre, Comets, who are aged 5-7. It is heartwarming to see the sheer amount of enthusiasm within the young actors, who give it their all with great results. I then see an interesting little play for kids entitled ‘Circles in the Sand’. This play is best not described, and much better to see for yourself. To finish, I did some front of house work and went home.

Jason came to us from Oaklands School (Tower Hamlets) from 9th-14th November 2015.