Blog: Khalilah Lubega

20th June
Khalilah SquareI came in at 9:45 in and was greeted by Euan who then gave me a tour of the historic building. Euan then informed me about an event that was going to be happening at the Half Moon Theatre. I was extremely fortunate because I was going to help out with the preparation. This event was going to be exploring its history and putting on plays to celebrate their theatre.
The Half Moon Theatre has been providing entertainment for everybody to enjoy for the past 44 years without fail. From working with young children to working with teenagers, this theatre has transformed the lives of many young people because those who got the chance to come here have gone on to have careers in the performing arts industry.
Chris gave me the opportunity to give three very special people called Nick Tyson, Ruth Sheen and Frances De La Tour an interview about their time at the Half Moon Theatre and how it has had an impact on their lives. These three people have gone on to work in the performing arts industry, for example, film, television, producing music and have been successful as they have won awards for their brilliant work.

22nd June
I started rather later today at 14:30 and all the staff welcomed me with their smiley faces. Euan then asked me to sort out 60 photos and put them in order! These photos were going to be used for the event that the Half Moon Theatre was going to be putting on, celebrating their history. After that, I took some photos of some primary students doing a play about the eclipse. This was intriguing to watch because the children used their bodies to tell a story which was really clever. Lastly, I helped out with a group of disabled teens with their show about Demi Gods. This show used a poem and dance to tell their story in contrast to the previous group. I enjoyed this the most because I got the chance to get on stage and perform with them which was really fun as well as watch their performance unfold in front of my very eyes.

23rd June
I started at 10:00 and Beccy walked me to the Halford Centre to help out with a group of children aged 0 to 5 years.  This workshop was taught by Madeleine and Amari who were teaching the children how to dance. I enjoyed this very much because I got to assist with the activities by playing with the children who were so adorable and fun to be around!
Afterwards, Beccy asked me to copy links to videos of people who used to attend Half Moon in their youth and paste them next to their names in a list. These videos are very important because they were going to be showed at the event that the Half Moon Theatre is putting on next week. The videos that will be displayed next week are of people talking about the things they did when they were at the Half Moon Theatre and how it has had an impact on their creative lives. This therefore made it a necessity to get these done because without the videos, the Half Moon Theatre wouldn’t be able to go ahead with their fantastic event.

24th June
On my last day, I started rather later than I did yesterday at 12:00 and Phil needed me to use this sand paper machine to smooth down some edges and after that, we painted a whole lot of boxes black. These black boxes were important because the children performing their plays next week would be able to use them. Moreover, black is a universal colour which is a good thing because it meant that all the children could be flexible and use the boxes to their hearts’ content in as many different ways as possible.

After lunch I was back working with Phil in the design room with a lovely woman called Liz. This time, I painted four plastic cups brown for the children to use in their play and I also assisted Liz with stapling fake branches onto the black boxes I painted earlier on that day.

Lastly, I watched a play performed by three actors called ‘I got super powers for my birthday’. I won’t go into too much detail about what the play was about but long story short, three 13 year olds got super powers and they had to make a choice about what to do with their gifts on whether they should be good or bad. Personally, I didn’t really enjoy it because I think the play was targeted at a younger audience for example, 7-9 year olds rather than 16 years old like me.

To wrap up my awesome blog, I wouldn’t have traded the past four days for anything because I have really enjoyed working here and I’m going to miss the staff so very much because they are one big happy family and I’m so glad that I got to be part of that family.

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Khalilah came to us from Central Foundation Girls’ School (Tower Hamlets) from 20-24 June 2016.