Blog: Lasairiona O’Baroid

IMG_8433Hi readers! My name is Lasairiona. When I was first given the opportunity to do work experience I knew that I definitely wanted to work in a theatre. So I researched a few theatres around the area and Half Moon caught my eye. I had heard about the theatre before but I didn’t know much about it. Once I had found out more I was drawn in by the wide range of fantastic things they have going on, with that I knew I would love to do my work experience at the Half Moon. But the question was, do they even host work experience for young people? I was delighted to hear that the answer was yes! Immediately I got in contact and my placement was arranged. Originally my friend and I wanted to work at the Half Moon together however that was not possible. I was still eager to work here but knowing that I would be alone made me slightly more nervous. I know now that I had absolutely nothing to worry about.

On the Saturday before my week of work experience I had the pleasure of seeing a play called FREE by David Lane, performed beautifully at the Half Moon Theatre. It was a play about two teenagers brought together by a mutual passion for free-running.

On my first day of work I was both excited and nervous however once I came up into the office the nervousness disappeared. I was welcomed with many smiling faces and handshakes. All the staff were very relaxed and convivial. I was taken on a tour around the building which was very spacious, evocative and picturesque. After that I did some database work on Microsoft access, it wasn’t very practical but I did have fun and learnt how to use the software.

The following days were very eventful, I completed some more database work and then I observed one of the Youth Theatre sessions. I wrote a report of the session and also a review of the play FREE. I was able to sit in on a rehearsal for a developing production which was enthralling to see. I also got to visit the local history library which I didn’t know existed but was fascinated by its contents. As well as that I was able to take part in the Youth Theatre group for young people with disabilities which was my favourite one out of all of them. I was given the opportunity to watch the production so far in the auditorium and was stunned by how much it had progressed in two days. I helped out with another three youth theatre groups and then watched a children’s play which was very humorous. I was never left bored during my time at Half Moon.

I would like to thank all the staff so much for giving me such a wonderful experience and I would recommend anyone interested in theatre to do their work experience at Half Moon.

Lasairiona came to us from Morpeth School (Tower Hamlets) from 20th-25th October 2014.