Blog: Maisie Clements

Maisie's MHi there my name is Maisie, and I am doing work experience for my first time at the Half Moon. I am so very happy that I got the placement for doing work experience here. I am here for a week and it’s now Wednesday. I have been asked to write a blog for what I have done whilst I have been here and what I have enjoyed and what I have not enjoyed so I am going to give you as much detail as possible.


On Monday when I started here I was actually quite excited and was not nervous at all. I came in and all of the staff gave me a very warm welcome. Beccy introduced me to everybody. After that I sat down and Beccy gave me some work to do: she explained it to me very clearly and I cracked on with it. After I finished the work she set me, she took me on a tour around the building. I have been here before with my drama class at school and I really enjoyed it so I knew what rooms were what roughly, but I did not know about the basement. It’s got a couple of big rooms in the basement and that’s where the big props room is and also down there is the dimming room so I knew where everything was and I knew where to go if Beccy or any of the staff wanted me to get anything for them.


On Tuesday I came in and it felt like I have known everyone for years they are just so welcoming towards you I got settled down and one of the workers, Stephen, he came over to me and he asked me whether I could do a job for him to look on the internet and see what events are going on around the year so he might be able to put a couple of them into a play and try and mix things up a little bit.


On Wednesday I joined another youth session. It was very good. They were a group of disabled children. I had a very good time they were so welcoming I did not observe this time I joined in instead. I really loved working with them they have so much energy that they just want to let it off but it was great. Before I went into the youth session I joined Beccy and she gave my some work to do on the computer. It was very easy but that was good. After I did a bit of that work I then moved on to writing a little bit of my blog, but Wednesday was another good day at the Half Moon Theatre for me.


On Thursday Beccy gave me a couple more jobs to do: she gave me a list of things to find and I would have to try and find as many things a possible for the play. They were mainly all the props. I had another good day Thursday. No youth sessions come in so it was just a day of work for me but even though it was quite hard I still got through the day and enjoyed it.


Today is Friday and it’s my last day at the Half Moon Theatre. I have really had a lot of fun here it’s been very different. On my fist day here I thought it was just going to be boring but it honestly wasn’t at all. I have really enjoyed my time here. I have met lots of different people. I  have learnt many different things. Thank you for having me .


Maisie Clements Jones


Maisie was here from Raine’s Foundation School (Tower Hamlets) from 22-26 June 2015.