Blog: Marjan Noor

Marjan NoorHi my name is Marjan Noor and I am currently doing my work experience at Half Moon. I began doing my work experience on Monday. The first day was a bit scary for me because I never worked in a big place like this but after it was all ok. First day was quiet for me so I had to do computer work but it was fun but before that they took me on a tour to see the place.

My work experience is only for one week and it is sadly coming to an end but this week has been a great week for me and I have enjoyed every moment at Half Moon. Everyone here is very friendly and I felt like I was treated like a member of staff, I have experienced a lot of things doing my work experience at Half Moon. I contributed to everything and I never felt left out and also they helped me when I needed help. Half Moon is a great place to do work experience and I think that people should come here to do their work experience. I have done 2 sessions with the children and it was really fun and the children are nice and friendly and I was helping the children for their rehearsal.

On Tuesday I came to work and I did some computer work then after I was waiting for the children to come so that I could do some work with them. They came in and I sat down with them, played some games and they are really good at playing games and concentrating on the games. After the game I started to help them with their rehearsal.

On Wednesday I came to Half Moon and sat down to do my work and then after I was waiting for the disabled children to come. I did a session with them and it was great working with them, also they are really nice and we were playing games and discussing what food we would like to eat if we were at a party and everyone had a turn saying what food they would like to eat at a party. After that we were thinking of some objects and we had to be in 2 groups and make that object with our group. It was really fun working with the children. We all had fun, also I had a great time working with them. Half Moon is an excellent place it feels great doing my work experience here and all the members of staff treaded me with respect. I really enjoyed being able to work at Half Moon and participating with everything. Half Moon has helped me a lot and taught me a lot of new things.

On Thursday I came to Half Moon and I had to help the people rehearse their performance but this time it was all teenagers. It was fun but I didn’t have time to help very much but I got to watch the performance and it was excellent they were so good at it I really enjoyed watching it. Today is Saturday and I came at 10am to help out with a performance and it was great. The performance was good everyone was enjoying the show and I also helped out another group of children with their performance and sadly it is my last day at Half Moon but this whole week I really enjoyed working with Half Moon.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Marjan Noor

Marjan was here from Bow School (Tower Hamlets) from 16-21 March 2015.