Blog: Shaan Khan

Today is my last day as a member of the Half Moon and I am happy because I have helped so much and it was a great kick start to my Holiday.


When I walked through the door I was scared and excited at the same time, the staff were so nice to me I felt like I would fit right in there. I met everyone there and I went straight to work, I went down to the closet where there were millions of things lying around. Costumes, instruments, tape, and pens, you name it. So I went straight in and put them into different bags so all pens are together and so it’s even easier for me to put them all away but, I didn’t finish in time so then at 4 I went home.


I came in 10mins to 10 o’clock so I broke my record of coming in early. So I came, had 2 cups of tea and went right back down to that closet to finish off the job before lunch and so I did. So after lunch I went to collect their van and brought it back. Once I came back I was in the office filing data for a few more schools as their programmes start again next week. But I had my trusty music to keep focused.


So I came in still tired after a massive wedding but that didn’t stop me from doing work but I did need more than 2 cups of tea and a lot of sugar. But I had more work on the computer but it was more with pictures and making them smaller to put on a noticeboard for the next day. But I did have to make notes on some productions and see if there was anything missing on the pages. But I didn’t finish it.


Now my time is up in this fortress of solitude and I will miss it all. And so I finished my work with the productions and now had to do 1 more thing and that was fun because it was re-doing the noticeboard and that was cool because it’s all my design. And now here I am writing to you guys, you won’t believe how many people have done this and it has been an amazing experience I thank the whole of the Half Moon and Beccy mainly for taking me in so late thank you and good luck in the future.

Shaan came to us from St Paul’s Way Trust School (Tower Hamlets) from 25-29 July 2016.