Blog: Shannon Lewis-Brooks


Shannon - SquareI arrived outside Half Moon Theatre at 10:00am as requested, I noticed that I wasn’t feeling nervous at all, just excited. Which has to be a good thing I guess? When I walked in the first person who I met was Jackie who welcomed me warmly to the office, I also met Euan at this point who was really nice and gave me a tour around the building. He showed me all the rooms up and downstairs which was cool because I actually remember one of the old rehearsal rooms for when I used to go there when I was younger. As we were going round he was informing me of facts about the historic building itself that was pretty amazing. After the mini tour I got sat at a desk where Euan gave me some computer work to do which took about 30mins to complete which I didn’t mind doing, then after that I got to choose a selection of photos from a recent performance that took place to go on their Facebook page. I was told that I could sit and watch some rehearsals in one of the theatre rooms, I was so happy because I love watching plays or even just watching them piece everything together behind the scenes.

Once I had done my computer work I entered the theatre room where I met Dom and some other people who were preparing for an upcoming performance. I quietly walked over to the chairs and sat at the front, my aim was to be silent as a mouse in hopes that I wouldn’t be a distraction. They were using animation from the projector onto some kind of moveable fake walls to make a really interesting tale with an actor interacting with the storyline. I realised that there was a guy sat behind me on a laptop who I thought was controlling the projector onto the walls. My curiosity got the better of me so I asked “are you doing that?” and he said yes and if I wanted I could come sit with him and see for myself. Me being intrigued, I got up and sat with him to see how he was working it all. And when I saw the screen I was taken back by how confused I was, I can’t comprehend how he can understand any of it! I discovered that his name was Josh and it was his first day at Half Moon as well so we were on the same boat which was nice.

After going home and having my lunch I basically did the same thing and sat in the theatre room watching everyone doing their important parts with me just sitting back and observing. The time flew by and it was 4 o’clock but because I was so content with being an audience member I stayed until 4:30pm then went home.

I really enjoyed my first day because I got to meet Euan and Jackie who are really nice people, I did a mixture of computer work and seeing live drama as well which is one of my favourite things.


Once again, I find myself outside the Theatre at 10:00am on the dot, ready for another day of work. I rang on the buzzer and awkwardly said “work experience”, Euan let me in and I walked into the office ready for the day ahead. I was sat in a different room on a different desk with different work to do. Beccy explained to me what my new job was, I had to edit the website and copy and paste links to productions. That’s pretty much how I spent my morning to 12 o’clock, just inserting links, links, and even more links. I don’t mind it, it’s just that when you’ve done it for 2 hours straight your mind starts to wonder… However I did learn some things. Like there’s another Half Moon Theatre down Mile End Road and I’ve lived round there all my life. How could I not know?!

After lunch I took a break from my previous job and was asked whether I wanted to continue editing the website or begin to write up my blog for yesterday (my first day). I jumped to the chance to start my blog because I needed to relax and just write about something simple. My memory is terrible so I was trying hard to remember what happened but I’m pretty sure I wrote about everything. The clock soon ticked to 4:00pm which is my leaving time so I quickly finished and left only to come back the next day.


Smiles all round from everyone and as soon as I walked into the building, when I sat down Jackie and told me that I would be doing the same computer work as yesterday, she showed me the website and a list of names that seemed to go on forever. These names were for the people who were interviewed about their past experiences here, I had the honour of going through each and every name, giving them links to their memorable productions and projects so the public can read into them. Slight sarcasm there. But it sounds easier than it actually is, sometimes you can’t find the links and have to look everywhere for them! I had done this up till lunch and a little bit past that as well.

I got the chance to sit and watch rehearsals for an under three’s performance. I didn’t really know what to expect, it’s not like there’s going to be a lady dancing around a leaf dressed like a cloud. Oh wait that was exactly what it was. And it was fun to watch because they used an interesting use of props and light. They cut out a moon shape in a leaf and put torches light through it and shined it on a backdrop that was being used while singing softly. It created a moon figure which I thought was really smart, children would love to see that, or at least I would have if I was still that age.

If I wanted I could go back downstairs and carry on with the website work but I wasn’t feeling up to it, so as I had the opportunity to avoid it, I did in hopes that I would feel renewed to the job tomorrow.


Today my timetable was from 11:00am – 8:00pm, so I came an hour later than usual which was delightful because I got to sleep in for longer. Today I happily got the chance to see a children’s play called ‘The Girl and the Giraffe’. As I was let into the building I sat straight at my desk and knew exactly what I was going to be doing. That’s right, you guessed it. Links. Finishing off the list of names on the website, and I was more determined than ever. I started as soon as I my hand touched the mouse. Where I had done so much for so long I felt a camp in my hand so I had to take a small break, it didn’t stop me though. Time slowly passes to 1:00pm so I go off for my break and come back at 2:00pm.

By this time I had nearly gone through every name which was a huge accomplishment because if I’m honest I actually didn’t think I had the patience to knowing me. Around 6:40pm parents with their kids began to flood the hall so they could watch the play, the children waited impatiently, desperately wanting the time to be 7o’clock. As the time struck, everyone was ushered into the theatre ready for the performance. I sat at the back among the parents and carers. I was also asked to write a review about it afterwards the next day, the play lasted about 45minutes and so after it was finished I left to go home.


10 o’clock. When I got to the buzzer I realised that it would be the last time I’d say “work experience” and get let in from Euan. Today I just was finishing my blogs and writing my review up, nice and calm day. It’s still strange coming back here since I used to participate in drama classes here a few years ago, and I never would have thought I would be in the office doing my work experience. To be honest I don’t even think I knew what work experience was back then. My week at Half Moon has been very fun and hardworking I can say. It was nice to meet everyone who works here and to see their day to day work lifestyle, and I will take back loads of skills with me for my future in having jobs.

Shannon came to us from Bethnal Green Academy (Tower Hamlets) from 4-8 July 2016.


Shannon also wrote a review…

‘The Girl and the Giraffe’ review:

Straight away I noticed the set design which was done very nicely, the girls costume worked well and helped the audience understand the location of which they were acting in. Her exaggerative gestures and projected voice kept the kids concentrated and focused while watching the performance. The characters were very engaging. The giraffe made prop was interesting and I liked how the actor’s body language was in sync with it. Also, the use of audience interaction was good because in the scene when the box was behind the children it made them feel a part of the play by their reactions. I think that the production overall is good and is suitable for children of its range.