Blog: William Baker

William BakerHey everyone, I’m William and I’ve been lucky enough to do my work experience here at Half Moon. In this blog I will be sharing my experience with you guys, letting you know what the pros and “cons” are of doing your work experience here.  Moreover I am also a member of the Half Moon’s Youth Theatre so I am already quite familiar with the building and the people that run it.

On my first day (Tuesday) I came into (as always) a very warm welcome from all of the staff that was present. I was given a work experience starter pack containing information about the theatre; health and safety; activities I would be taking part in and details about their Youth Theatre that I didn’t know about before. After I’d finished reading it, I was good to go. I was given the task to write tweets for different shows that were touring at the time.  Surprisingly I found it quite challenging as there are so many different aspects of making a good twitter post. You have to make it interesting to read; include information about the show; make sure you add @ names and all at the same time making sure that it’s below 140 characters. When the time came I took my hour’s lunch break. When I came back Eclipse’s (8-11) Youth Theatre session was about to begin. I was given a chance to print out some questions that I would ask the kids and the tutors. From these answers I would right a review of the session. While all this was happening I also got the chance to take some photographs of the kids in action for Half Moon. I enjoyed playing with the camera and seeing what it was capable of. At the end of the session my shift was finished.

Wednesday was a much laid back day for me. As I came in quite early I got to watch a rehearsal of a show that Half Moon has been producing during my stay here. I found it interesting to see how the play evolves as changes were made to it. When the run through had finished I was asked to help out with make/fixing some props. This included unstitching a few pillows, emptying their contents, filling them back up with tiny polystyrene balls (which ended up in a mess) and stitching them back up again. As my stitching skills are sub-par this took me ages to finish off. By the time I’d finished that it was already 6 o’clock and it would only be half an hour before Solar’s Youth Theatre (Youth Theatre for people with disabilities) session to start. I spent the time writing a section of this blog. When the half hour was up and all of the members had arrived we all went into the practice room. In contrary to the Eclipse session I was more involved and was shadowing the main tutors. What’s very intriguing was to see how different the different Youth Theatre sessions were followed through depending on the group. I enjoyed taking part in the fun games/activities that the tutors had to offer

It was now Thursday and the week was almost over, only to remember that I had to come back in on Saturday. At this point it didn’t bother me because working at Half Moon Theatre has been an excellent experience. I spent most of Thursday on the computer carrying out several tasks. One of which was to find different sound effects for Eclipse’s end of term performance. I scoured the internet for different sounds and eventually, I came across a set of sounds that I felt went well together. When I’d finished that I was given some footage to edit. Coincidentally, it was footage of the Careers in Theatre youth conference that I had taken part in about a month prior to me writing this blog. Anyway, all together the footage added up to about an hour and I had to cut it down to only five minutes of useful advice. I spent almost the whole day trying to perfect it but I still couldn’t finish the whole thing. I eventually got bored of editing and decided I would finish it off the next day. I spent the remainder of my half hour writing a portion of this blog and soon after I had finished my day’s work

Friday, yet again, was a very chilled/laid back day. I spent most of the morning observing the run through for the show that I’d already seen rehearsals off. Again it was an interesting experience as I got to see the progression of the production. I got to see the different techniques that they used for their physical performance. I hope to take some of these techniques into the class when I get back to school. As I have already mentioned I didn’t finish the editing from Thursday so I continued to do that after the run through had finished. This led me to about 3 o’clock and my day was over in about an hour. I spent this time downloading the sound effects that I had mentioned before so that they could be sent off to the tutor of Eclipse. I’m looking forward to seeing what they will be used for!  In my last 15 minutes of the day I spent some time writing this blog.

It is currently Saturday and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at the Half moon. I came in today at around 10am so that I could watch a show called Curious. It got pretty messy in there so by the time the show had finished I had to help clean up the stage. I handed some leaflets out and came into the office to write this blog. This leads me up to the present. Soon after I finish I will be going to observe Moonbeams Youth Theatre session.  At mid-day (in all courtesy of Half Moon) I will be going to watch Othello by William Shakespeare at the Globe Theatre with members from Lunar.

Once again I have greatly enjoyed my time here and I would like to thank all of the staff here for having me! Thanks for reading my blog everyone!

 William was here from Bishop Challoner School (Tower Hamlets) from 3rd-7th March 2015.