Blog: Zakir Hussain

Photo of Zakir - ZakirIt’s my last day of my week, of the world of work at Half Moon Theatre. I wish I had more time because there are a lot of things you can learn and take in from working in such a beautiful theatre. Laminating 100+ papers was tiring but it’s worth the effort because when you look at the finished product you will feel very pleased with yourself! On Monday night I watched a play called ‘FREE’ which was truly amazing; such emotions in 60 minutes! I also had to fill up a database with school contact information which I also liked. Tuesday I had to write a review about ‘FREE’ and I did not know anything about how to type up a review but with a bit of help from a lot of the staff I got through and did it well; this was a great benefit to me because I will need to write a lot of reviews in the future for subjects such as drama…

On Wednesday I had a day off which was relaxing, and then on Thursday it was almost the end of my week. As I had already impressed a lot of the staff members and myself, Chris (the Director of Half Moon) invited me to watch a play called ‘One Way Ticket’ at Shoreditch Town Hall, a fascinating play based on true stories. This play was about kids/orphans getting sent to Australia and being treated like slaves just after World War II and throughout the whole play it was spoken in poetic language which I thought was so clever and creative.

After my lunch I typed up this blog. I had never done one before but again the staff members are so supportive and helpful with any difficulties you have on any field. On Friday, because I was so helpful, Beccy said I could do a Careers in Theatre day with Oaklands and Central Foundation Girls School as a treat; it was so great knowing that people actually care and do give you praise if you do well. Saturday (my last day), I got a chance to look at a lot of Youth Theatres and took a lot of pictures, and also got to watch another play which was also fabulous and so colourful in many ways.

In summary, all staff members were so welcoming and so lovely to talk to and work with. There was a lot to take in and so many crucial things that I learnt and I will surely use them in the future and for my c.v. No minute was wasted for me and I would definitely recommend you to apply for this fantastic experience.

It’s been a tiring week but I won’t regret any of it because what comes out at the end is something memorable and something to experience again.

Zakir Hussain