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BoysDont-FLYER-FRONT-A5-600Hey my name’s Chelsea and I have just finished my two weeks of work experience, and this week I was at the famous Half Moon Theatre. I would like to say it has been a rollercoaster but I’ve loved every single moment being here and wish to come back to this incredible environment, so read on if you want to find out what exactly I have done this past week. Okay just to let you know I wasn’t able to take photos due to lack of camera but I have found photos from their most recent show which is from early December but it gives you a sense of what they do. If you want to see some more of what they do, check out the Youth Theatres on this website. Trust me you will be amazed at what exactly they can do.


Day 1 – Tuesday 21st

IMG_4327 webWell my first day was definitely a good day to begin my amazing week here at Half Moon Theatre. As soon as I arrived I was given a reminder of everyone in the office before starting my work at 12. The first task I had to complete was to input feedback forms for six of the seven Youth Theatres from the start of the year. I was then told at 1:30 that I would watch a show called Boys Don’t, I had seen this show being advertised and had been tempted to do some further insight into it but unfortunately I never did. Whilst I was watching it I was amazed at the whole thing being in poetic language to describe the three stories. Each of the stories’ tone was completely different yet they all worked seamlessly together and that is as much as I have been told to tell you. But it is an amazing show and I recommend it to anyone interested in poetry or not. Once it had finished I was in boredom hour aka my lunch hour, a lunch hour is not very good when your phone is a brick. When eventually 3:30 rolled around, I was working with 8-11 year olds in Half Moon’s first Youth Theatre of the week: Eclipse. When observing the session I was in awe at the level of commitment and dedication these little people had for a two hour session, the members were amazing with the amount of physical theatre used to make the Greek myth Theseus and the Minotaur come alive. And before I knew I was on the bus home, and I wasn’t even tired.


Day 2 – Wednesday 22nd

IMG_4563 - 800Well this morning was a nightmare. I got in with only two minutes to spare and I swear it was not my fault. This is why you can never trust TfL to plan you journey since you wait around for 20 minutes when it says it was only nine minutes then having to run to catch the DLR and then having to run all over the platforms trying to get the trains all before actually getting here. Well, today was definitely worth that nightmare. I came into the office and continued on the feedback forms, there was probably about an inch of paperwork with barley comprehensible handwriting. When 4pm hit I was back in an 8-11 year old Youth Theatre but this time it was Equinox and here they were putting a play on about Echo, but still Greek Mythology. I was yet again amazed at the amount of sheer talent in such tiny people who were perfectionists when it came down to who goes where in regards to their mini groups. After a half hour interval I was watching over the Solar Youth Theatre (for teenagers with disabilities). I can tell you just how amazing they are doing their piece on stormy mind. I have never seen anything like it: the amount of energy in there just made you constantly smile, and it got me thinking about how society views kids like this. I would love to come back and visit them again anytime. All of it worth the travel nightmare!!LoopingClub-SolarAutumn2016


Day 3 – Thursday 23rd

Well today was just a very quiet day between 10 and 4, simple office things to do today. Just finishing the feedback forms (took roughly four hours but all of them are typed up: yes!), started writing up this stuff but not before writing up three Youth Theatre reports (Eclipse, Equinox and Solar). Before leaving the office all the staff members were rounded up for a team meeting.  Yeah a boring day in the office (well not that it was very boring :it’s at Half Moon theatre, Duh!).


Day 4 – Friday 24th

BoysDon't cast-1000Let’s see what has today been like? I started the day at 10, finishing this thing off before watching, yet again, Boys Don’t in order to write a review. That reminds me, I also typed up the template for How to Write a Critique for a Theatrical Performance. After, Beccy gave me another task of scanning through an old programme and having a game of snap with some dates, whilst having a panic attack which was not necessarily a very good combo. A little bit before lunch I was learning how the Website works with putting items on there and how simple it truly is. Next thing I knew I was back from lunch not after running into some fellow students watching the show. (I can tell you that was extremely awkward I found.) A few minutes after sitting down I was called by Phil for I quote “to be boomed”, this basically means that I hold the boom mic trying not to get it in shot while Rosie from Papertale – who in addition is the director of Boys Don’t. The one major thing I learnt from that experience was that the Boom Mic is heavy even if you are holding it beneath the camera. I really enjoyed today and will miss just going to work instead of school. In the picture are the four poets from Boys Don’t left to right: Steve, Justin, Tanaka, Hadiru.


Day 5 – Saturday 25th

IMG_7631 - webWell that week went by too fast, I wish I could stay here instead of going back to school but it is only two weeks until Easter. And what a relaxing day it has been here but in saying this lots has happened. To start my day I arrived at 9:30 and was given a camera to take some snapshots of The Family Folk Show which stars the incredible Megson, I was only there for 15 minutes and it just made me excited to see the show at 11. After I was rushed upstairs to Youth Theatre for Years 1-3, this one is called Comets and I am amazed at the skill they had with those shadow puppets which I may add they made themselves – my award for favourite shadoIMG_7640 - webw puppets are … the snowflake, squirrel and ladybug (you know who you are). The photos here are from Comets but the later Youth Theatre session I went to – Moonbeams – and another youth theatre I did not get to see – Sunbeam – are all using the same stimuli of a poem to create the same show with slight differences.



FamilyFolkShow-300Once 11 hit I was sitting in the theatre smiling away to The Family Folk Show, a show genre I have never heard of before but it made the kids want to get up and dance and even though it’s mainly aimed at little kids I enjoyed it. I give it 4.75 stars, and would recommend it to anyone so if you see this advert buy tickets or you will miss an epic show. You will remember at least one of the songs. After lunch I was back in with Youth Theatre with the Moonbeams learning more about the cycle of life for a tree and its purpose. Now I’m here finishing this off and feeling really sad about my time ending here. I will miss it so much but I’m going to start coming in and finding out how everything has been going so this is Chelsea signing of for the last time.

Oh, and before I go I have something to say to Stephen. Thank you for dropping me into an interview about Careers in Theatre and how it has affected me: I love doing interviews so much. NOT!! But it didn’t ruin my time here so you failed in trying to scare me off from here.

Download Boys Don’t Review – Chelsea Crouch

Chelsea came to us from Bishop Challoner Catholic Federation of Schools (Tower Hamlets) from 21-25 March 2017.