Blog: Haifza Salam

Blog: Hafiza Salam

Half Moon Theatre has been an amazing opportunity for me to develop my  skills. It has allowed me to become a more organised, social, confident person, and I learnt to use my initiative through various tasks. My week here at the theatre has been very busy! Some of the tasks were small;  printing and scanning for example, however some have been much more challenging, very interesting and exciting. The staff at Half Moon are all very welcoming and friendly. Since day one, they’ve been treating me as more of an equal rather than a student. They have created a positive and lively environment for me to do my work and I am really grateful to them for giving me this amazing opportunity which will help me in the future.

My first day of work experience started at 2:30pm and I had a very full schedule. It started off with a tour around the building with Androulla, my employer, who introduced me to the team. I was pleased to meet everyone as they all seemed so positive and cheerful. My first duty didn’t start until 4pm so I was occupied with a laptop, reading company policies and doing simpler tasks. At 4pm I attended a Youth Theatre for ages 8-11; this was kind of nerve wracking as I didn’t have much experience with kids. However the kids there were amazing and so were the leaders. We played games and had a great time! An hour later, I was transferred to the ‘What Once Was Ours’ workshop. My day was made even more exciting when I found out some of my friends were a part of the Lunar Youth program. The Workshop was great! There were more games and at the end of it, there was PIZZA, Yay! Finally I got to end the day by watching ‘What Once was Ours’. A beautiful show put together by Half Moon and Zest. The show was very powerful, targeting big issues. The set was amazing as it was a 360 degrees visual experience. The actors, Jaz and Pippa delivered an amazing performance that allowed the audience to connect with the characters

The 2nd day of work experience started at the same time. I entered the building with big, friendly waves from Euan and Jackie. I attended another youth program at 4pm. The kids were very sweet and active. We played some games and did some role play. Madeleine, one of the leaders, assigned me to a group. The task was to create a stimulus using drawings the kids drew previously of their dreams. The kids were very funny so I was glad to spend some time with them. Their performance at the end was very entertaining. After a short break, I heard music coming from the theatre, so I ran in. Androulla, Amari, Madeleine were singing a song called Bella Mama with some new faces. Not knowing the words or tune, I joined in. It was really fun and at the end of the song I was introduced to Sam and the other members of the solar team. Solar is a group for disabled teenagers; being a part of the program was eye opening. It was my first time spending time with kids with additional needs. I got the chance to learn more about their personalities, and one thing I know is that they are fantastic individuals.

Thursday was a nice and chilled day at the office. I spent this day with Androulla, helping her with printing, scanning, editing and making arrangements for Friday. I have realised that being an administrator is much like studying.

On Friday, I got the chance to be a photographer. Androulla gave me one of those cool DSLR cameras, which I used to take photos of teachers during a Drama and Arts CPD session. After the session, I did some more admin duties and started this awesome blog. I helped Georgie (the artist delivering the CPD) tidy after the teachers left, collecting their finished art works and ripping tape off of the floor which was oddly satisfying.

Saturday, the last day of an awesome week, I started the day at 9:30am… though it was my earliest shift, I was very excited as I got to see a new show called ‘Flip, Flap and Fly’. The show was very funny and entertaining. The kids loved it! I really enjoyed the audience participation, beautiful set, and live music. I then went to attend two more Youth Theatre’s. The kids were very creative and expressive. We played some new games, and the drama activities were really fun as the kids were so talented. My last duty at Half Moon was to be an Usher. Flip, Flap & Fly was showing many times therefore I helped people into the theatre. Now I have come to the end of my blog, and as you can see, the past week has just been the greatest!

I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone at Half Moon who have supported me throughout the week. Thank you Androulla, Euan, Jackie, Phil, Chris, Megan, and the leaders for teaching me to become a more confident person and for giving me the knowledge that will help me to decide what I want to be in the future. I hope to visit soon and I will definitely recommend Half Moon theatre for those looking for a work placement.

Hafiza came to us from Mulberry School (Tower Hamlets) from 10th October – 14th October 2017