Blog: Omar Islam

Day 1: My first day at Half Moon Theatre was very good. When I first came in I was introduced to everyone and got a tour of the whole building. I was then given a work experience pack which really helped me to get to know who everyone was, and learn all about Half Moon. I had to read other people’s blogs to get an idea of what I will be doing this week. I found it interesting finding out about what other people had experienced.  It was then time for lunch! After lunch, I was informed that I will be joining Eclipse Youth Theatre. They were all very happy, friendly and welcoming. After the session had finished, it was home time.

Day 2: My second day at Half Moon Theatre was also very good. My first task was to create a poster for an upcoming Transitions workshop. Half Moon have been delivering a project for children in year 6 so they asked if I had any advice for them on moving from Primary School to Secondary School. I enjoyed doing this. Once I finished this, Stephen asked me to do a spreadsheet on upcoming celebratory dates or weeks such as World Book Day and Carers week for example. I used excel to do this. After lunch I went into Equinox Youth Theatre. The group were very enthusiastic and created some great work! They had to make up a scene with two masks and some props. Once again, after the session, it was time to go home.

Day 3: Today was an early start, I started work at 10am. My first task was to finish the spreadsheet I started yesterday. After I finished that, I started writing the blog that you are reading now… I did this up until lunch! After lunch I typed some student evaluation forms from a recent project. At 2.30pm, I went to see a technical rehearsal for a show called, Mole and Gecko, THE SHOW.  The technical rehearsal is more for the production team than the actors; they set the lighting and sound for the play. They were doing cue to cue; this is to make sure the sound and lights are run with certain parts of scenes. It was very fun to watch! It was my first time watching a technical process. At 4pm, it was time to go home.

Day 4: Today was also an early start. First, I started to finish off the evaluation forms that I started yesterday. That took me up until 11.45am. I then went into the theatre to watch the finished version of Mole and Gecko, THE SHOW. The play was very good even though it was for people 5+.

Unfortunately, Omar was unwell for his last day of work experience, so was unable to comment on DAY 5.

Omar came to us from Stepney Green Maths, Computing & Science College (Tower Hamlets) from Tuesday 11th – Friday 15th February 2019.