Blog: Rio Puffett


Monday 24th April – First day of Work Experience at Half Moon, and I just barely arrived on time, still half asleep because of my crazy sleep schedules and whatnot. Clearly was off to a good start. As is probably customary, I was given my Work Experience pack, and since I was already more than familiar with the building, we decided to skip the tour. I took my time reading through the pack, and then jumped straight into work. The first order of business: research for the company’s fundraising database. Because there were so gosh dang many charities, trusts and foundations to research, this would go on to be something that I did practically every day, whenever there was nothing else that urgently needed doing. I had to see which of the listed organisations had their own websites, and add them to the database if they did, or otherwise update the list to say that they had been recently checked (some of them hadn’t been looked at since 2011!). It was a pretty good way to start the day, fairly relaxing, though since I was really sleepy that day, I ended up doing things super slowly. Aren’t I a great worker?

The next task I was given was to help remove the current Art Gallery exhibition, which at that stage involved taking down some of the labels and removing the whitetac that had been stuck to the walls so that they could later be filled and painted over, which I also helped with. After that was probably the most fun part of the day; I got to go into the theatre and help set up the lights for an upcoming show. I learned what the different lights were referred to as, how to operate them, and helped Phil check if the lights were in the right place and in working order.

Tuesday 25th April – Second day of work experience. This was when the artwork for the new gallery had started to come in, so we needed somebody to take pictures of each individual art piece in order to make posters and whatnot. I helped with that, and ended up taking a lot of pictures that I’d later have to edit. But more on that, well, later. After the photography had been taken care of, we had to polish up the walls a bit, because my painting and filling was shoddy and I had to make sure that no blemishes or marks really stood out. By the end, I was fairly certain that this time I’d covered everything, so I retired back into the office to continue the database research until I was called out again. And I eventually was, this time to help out with a small interview. My job was to hold the boom and record the sound. It was something I hadn’t really done before, and handling the equipment was fairly interesting. The last two hours of my day at work had me observing, and at some points taking part in, one of the Youth Theatre sessions, Eclipse. It was fun, and I’d later be asked to write a report on how the session went. Which meant I got to judge people a lot. Heh.

Wednesday 26th April –At 1:00pm, I arrived and within half an hour I was ushering an audience into ‘The Girl and the Giraffe’, and sitting in the theatre to ensure that nothing went wrong. I already had some experience as an usher, so it was a relaxing way to start the day, doing something I was accustomed to. The audience was calm and orderly, so that was a plus. Right after that, I was asked to help crop and edit the pictures I’d taken the previous day, so that they only included the framed art piece. But because I was a terrible photographer, a lot of the pictures ended up being at a strange angle, making them much harder to crop properly. This’ll probably show if any of those pictures are used in posters or put online. The majority of my day, however, was spent with two other Youth Theatre groups: Equinox and Solar. Both groups were vastly different from Eclipse, and definitely different from each other, too. It was a pretty great experience to be able to work with different groups of people, and to observe the sessions from the outside, as opposed to being a part of them as I’m normally used to.

Thursday 27th April – Penultimate day of work experience at Half Moon. This day had me doing a lot of work around the gallery. Firstly, I had to finish cropping the images that I’d taken on Tuesday, which was done rather quickly. Following that, I got to work on making the new Gallery Trail. Essentially, I had to create a little booklet full of questions that would lead visitors all around the gallery. Things like “How many pictures have dogs in them? Write down their numbers here”. The idea was that, by going through the booklet, visitors would be led to every section of the gallery. I’d say the Gallery Trail went quite well, though we did make a few changes to some of the wording, in order to accommodate for the fact that small children would be using it too.

The last thing I was asked to do was to create the pricelist for the new gallery. It was simple enough, all I had to do was put each art piece’s name, price and picture into a big table, but since I’m the slowest thing on this earth, I wasn’t able to finish it.

Friday 28th April – Last day of work experience at Half Moon, and since I somehow managed to work an extra hour without even realizing it the day prior, it was a really short last day! First, I finished that pricelist I’d started doing on Thursday, and then I just sat down and worked on some weird blog that I’d been writing all week. Yeah, no idea what they’re going to do with that, but…

Rio came to us from Bow School (Tower Hamlets) from 24-28 April 2017.