Blog: Stella Benjamin

Stella (Square)Hi my name is Stella and I came to the Half Moon Theatre to get the experience of working in the theatre for maybe a future job in it. What I found is that I don’t have the energy for it, I’m quiet and introverted so human interaction wears me out but it was worth it.

Day 1 Monday 12th: I did come late which was perfect for a bad first impression but my excuse was that I live far away, though I later found out it was only 27 minutes walk so that was great. I used Google maps to make my way there, although the buses were on diversion so I got off at a random stop and used street signs to make my way there.

Once I had stormed through the doors I was given the task to walk to the Co-Op another 12 minute walk, I spent the whole time trying to remember the route there and back. During the walk I got told about all the charity work that Half Moon does and there is a lot. After that I believe I got to see a short play, it was a Road Safety workshop that was a good mixture of funny and sad. Once that was over, I went home, with a heavy chest.

Day 2 Tuesday 13th: Guess what… came in on time today, found out that I just need to take a right turn at Curtain Street and I would have been there in half the time. Once I got in at 12, I wrote up about the Road Safety work shop but tried not to spoil too much of it and then did some database stuff just writing stuff about the schools that attended this workshop. (You can read what I wrote about the Road Safety workshop in the link at the bottom of the page).

I also got to sharpen pencils. WHAT? I know but that is what adults do, I know so cool. I did get an hour break which I used to get some air and another lovely walk to the shop I thought I was running late turns out I wasn’t (just can’t read a clock) walked back to the park where I was attacked by ants.

I then got back and was sent to watch a Youth Theatre rehearsal, it looked fun but I didn’t like sitting in the back of the room and just sitting there I wanted something more active and less with children. I asked the children some questions during the break for the report I was going to writing up.

Day 3 Wednesday 14th:  This time I showed up early but I didn’t want to go in I wasn’t interested in what I was doing (I didn’t like coming home so tried and emotionally drained) so I had a wander, found a Tesco if you would like to know. When it was time I went in to do some more Youth Theatre work and in the break made myself a tea. It was the same as the one before but they were a bit older than the ones before.

I then got to sit in another Youth Theatre but this time it was a mixed group of disabled people, I probably enjoyed that more because I got involved in the warm-up I had an actual conversation with some, the play they were putting on was really pretty too.

Day 4 Thursday 15th: I came in and then got to start on some writing when I was called to sit in on some auditions, I didn’t think much of it until I walked into the room. The people were working for a festival that needs actors to go out and dance or sing to people. I got to see some very talented people and I was laughing at some of the performances that were so brilliant. At the 4th audition I finally got into it and interacted with people. I’m so glad I got to come and see it take place.

Day 5 Friday 16th: Final day, so I came in, went up the stairs and BOOM! Lots of little children everywhere, painting. I just quickly put my stuff down to work with Helen a teacher and artist. I just joined in at the back of the room.

I helped set up the paints and cleaned up after only to set it all back out again after lunch which is when I went to that Tesco I found for a cheeky doughnut and some expensive strawberries. I then wrote this blog, which was hard as I had to remember this past week and write about it

Overall, I’m glad I came here, I’ve Learnt a lot about the adult world and working in a theatre and I’m really happy with this placement, although I haven’t mentioned it but everyone was super nice to me even thought I was very withheld for everyone.

Thank you Half Moon Theatre.

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Stella came to us from Raine’s Foundation School (Tower Hamlets) from 26-30 June 2017.