Blog: Sunnah Chowdhury

Sunnah's blog pictureWeeks went by as I struggled to find a placement which I was interested in. Until I spoke to my school who gave me the option of working at Half Moon Theatre and I knew straight away, it was the place for me.

As day one approached, I was excited yet nervous to see what was in store for me. It had been the first time I’d visited Half Moon and as I came closer and saw the tall building stood in front of me with the most apparent sign, the excitement grew.

Confused the door read “automatic,” but wouldn’t open I stared at my reflection in bewilderment, took a few steps back and “pressed for attention,” when the most joyful voice replied, “Hiya, Half Moon Theatre.”

“Hi, I’m here for work experience,” I quickly responded.

“Come on in.”

Just to let you know, that was the same introduction every morning since.

Jackie greeted me with the friendliest smile – as introductions took place with the remaining staff, I absorbed my surroundings and familiarised myself with the office. They were very organised and provided me with a work experience pack which was very beneficial and allowed me to gain an understanding of the tasks I’d be completing throughout my week here. My first task had been to complete a Facebook cover using ‘Fotor’. This was a really fun and creative way to start off the week. Later on in the day, I met Beccy who asked me to write up evaluations – this proved to be quite tricky as handwriting wasn’t the best, however it was still manageable in the end.

The next day, I met the staff who’d been absent the previous day – they were just as welcoming as the rest. Stephen had asked me to research some authors for upcoming events – this again allowed me to be creative and make the work my own, I also grew a liking to some of the illustrations. I was also asked to create a spreadsheet for Beccy on the leisure and youth services. All 248 of them! This may have taken a while to complete as I jumped from task to task, however I am glad that she introduced me to the website, which I’ll definitely be using again in the future.

On the third day, I was given the opportunity to join a samba workshop, where I helped out with the younger children and got to try out the different instruments. I really enjoyed this because it was something new and exciting and the environment was very positive. On the fourth day I met the same group of young children and volunteers. After a recap of the previous session, we were told a few minutes before, that we’d be presenting what we had learnt to the parents – this created much excitement within the room.

The week has flown by and it’s my final day. Fortunately, I have finished the lengthy spreadsheet before I leave – which feels like quite an achievement because I hadn’t used Excel in that depth before but now I’m a pro at it. You could say I’m excelling.

I’d like to thank all the staff who supported me throughout my week here and made me feel so welcome. They made sure I always had something to do and made me feel like a part of the team. These may have been my first few days at Half Moon Theatre but they definitely won’t be my last.

Sunnah came to us from St. Paul’s Way Trust School (Tower Hamlets) from 24-28 July 2017.