Blog: Tania Ahmed

Hello, my name is Tania and I’m here to talk about my work experience at the Half Moon Theatre. Although I have completed a lot of work that was quite repetitive and slightly boring, I have definitely enjoyed my experience here and I am thankful to the supportive members of staff.

Day 1: Tuesday 11th July

On my first day, I arrived 10 minutes early at 9.50 so I was prepared for the day. I was quite nervous as I didn’t have much of an idea of what I was going to do here. However, as I arrived, I met Beccy and was given a work experience pack which gave me a good understanding of what I was going to do. Still fresh in my memory, I remember feeling a bit anxious to tell Beccy that I have finished reading the pack but finally mustered the courage to do so. Shortly after reading the pack, I was given a task to make a catalogue about plays for young people including the number of characters in the play and a synopsis. This indeed was quite boring but I was very proud to have completed the catalogue. During my lunch break, I went out to eat some lunch and took a lovely break from the work. When I finished my first task which took hours, my next task was to input some data onto a Microsoft Spreadsheet of some surveys completed by children. It was already 4pm and that was the end of my day.

Day 2:  Wednesday 12th July

I woke up and it was already 10.00! This set me in a panic mode because I was meant to start work at 10.00. After getting ready, I managed to make it to work at 11.00 and apologised to Euan about my lateness and I also asked if I could make up for my time. Euan was very friendly and gave me a tour of the fascinating building. Some of the rooms were pretty cool and I enjoyed the tour. Thanks, Euan. After the tour, I completed some unfinished work from the day earlier, used the paper cutter to trim some leaflets and was then called to watch a show. The show was called Fairytales Gone Bad and was for a younger audience but it surely entertained me as well as the young children. After my lunch break, I began writing a review for the show I watched. I must admit that I do hate writing. (You can read the review in the link at the end of this page).

Day 3: Thursday 13th July

Today, I started work at 12.30 and an exhibition opening event was going to be held to showcase the artwork of local students. Stephen asked me to take a picture of each painting for the catalogue. This task was fairly relaxing but it was difficult to capture a shot without a glare over the artwork. While visitors attended the exhibition, I began making the catalogue. I’d rather not say much about it but it was extremely tiring. After a few difficulties of not being able to save my work, I left at 6.30.

Day 4: Friday 14th July

Today is my last day of work experience here at the Half Moon Theatre. As I arrived, I began by checking if my work from yesterday was saved. Due to the help of the staff, my work had been saved which I was extremely happy about. With some work left to complete the catalogue, I got started and finished making the catalogue. Beccy then informed me that I could go and watch a show called ‘Josephine’. Whilst I was sitting at the office, waiting for Beccy to call me to the theatre, I could hear sounds coming from the theatre (the show started). Beccy must’ve forgotten to call me to the theatre but I didn’t miss much. The show was incredible and also informative and it was nice seeing the children sharing their ideas about the play.

Download Tania Ahmed – Review of Grannylocks and the Monstrous Duckling

Tania came to us from Central Foundation Girls’ School (Tower Hamlets) from 11-14 July 2017.