Blog: Zara Nasir

4 days at Half Moon

Day 1:

It was 12:30 when I was stood outside the Half Moon Theatre; I was feeling animated and surprisingly I was not feeling nervous at all. It was strange. I was really gleeful at the time, as I stood outside the theatre with my hands on the buzzer, ready to ring it and be let inside. I was so happy because I wasn’t late for once, or at least I thought so at the time.  Ding… ding, the bell rang, “Hello Half Moon Theatre how can I help you”, the somewhat familiar voice came out of the buzzer. “Hi, it’s me Zara”, I replied. “Come on in Zara”, the doors opened and I walked inside, unsure of what to expect. It was strange because it felt really normal to walk inside the Half Moon Theatre; it felt as if I had been doing it for ages. I don’t know why I felt like that. So I walked inside towards the office, where we all said our hellos, everyone in had kind, contagious smiles on their faces. I was then told by Beccy to sit at the desk beside her. I sat down and she said ‘you were meant to be here at 12.00 weren’t you’. At that time I was so sure that I arrived there on time so when Beccy told me this I was surprised and I said ‘really?!’  So I thought ‘ohhh Zara you are in trouble’. I was mentally preparing myself to just keep my mouth shut while Beccy would be shouting at me, as I knew I wouldn’t be happy to get fired. So I silently waited…To my surprise she didn’t shout at me at all, she just let go of the topic and introduced me to my first job at Half Moon. I was relieved. I let go of the topic as well and forgot about it for the rest of the day.

So I got started with my first task at ‘work’ which was to research about festivals which was kind of boring and easy but I soon finished it. I then went and observed a youth workshop which was quite fun and interesting. I felt that the children at the workshop felt the same way. The workshop was really interesting, it was fascinating to see the little kids get out of their shells and let their personalities shine through. It was 6 pm when the workshop ended and that was the time I said bye to everyone and made my way home.

Day 2:

On the second day at Half Moon, I was definitely on time which was amazing.  On this day I was scheduled for 12 to 6pm again. This day was really beautiful as the sun was out after ages in London and so everyone was extra happy. So on this day I rang the bell… there was no voice this time, ‘hmm strange I thought’ but the door was open so I walked inside and walked in the office I noticed there were fewer people in the office. Jackie (who is the lovely Administrative Director) greeted me happily and then she told me that I could start typing up the report for the youth workshop which I observed yesterday. So I started doing that, by the time I was finished with that Beccy (the lovely producer) arrived at the theatre. On this day she had a meeting therefore she had come later than I had anticipated. I told her that I was done with the report and she told me that I was going to observe another youth theatre, which was basically the same as yesterday but with different little children. I anticipated that this workshop would be boring as I had seen one yesterday but I turned out to be wrong. To my surprise the workshop was really interesting because I saw that the children had very different attitudes towards the activity, compared to the kids in the other workshop. So I headed towards home when the workshop ended.

Day 3:

Day three at Half Moon was pretty interesting because I got to see the rehearsal process of the amazing, talented actors who were preparing for their performance ‘Boys Don’t’. The name of the play itself was something that really intrigued me and when I watched the performance I was really captivated by their talent. Their performance was really powerful. I love watching plays especially when they have some deep message. So I went home thinking about the play, I thought about why people say ‘boys don’t cry’ or that ‘boys should not cry’.

Day 4- My last day ‘working’ at Half Moon:

Today is my last day ‘working’ at Half Moon. I spent my time finishing off any unfinished tasks. I believe I gained a lot from these four days at Half Moon. I have learned that not everything is fun in the ‘world of work’. Also, I have learned that in order to grow your business you have to put your time in to researching and doing the other ‘boring’ tasks. I have also realised how my parents feel like at work. The other three days I was happy ‘working’ but on this day I was starting to miss my friends as I hadn’t met them for a long time. So I learned that when you are working you get really busy and you don’t have any free time to spend with your friends.

Overall, it was a good experience ‘working’ at Half Moon. I think I learned quite a lot about the ‘world of work’ and it is definitely something I am never going to forget.

Zara came to us from Bishop Challoner Catholic Federation of Schools (Tower Hamlets) from 14-17 March 2017.