Blog: Ella Booth

ella for websiteDay 1: 16th October 2017

The first day was really scary for me because I didn’t really know what to expect. I came about 15 minutes early so I waited outside for a bit, but I got bored… so I ended up being about 5 minutes early in the end! Androulla was very welcoming and so was everyone else in the office. On my first day I got a task from Androulla which was not that bad, I had to help her with counting how many students were coming in on which dates for a project called ‘Careers In Theatre’. Once we completed this, Stephen asked me to create a document for the website. I found this challenging because half of the things he asked me about, I had not done before but my colleagues helped me so it was fine.

Tuesday 17th October: I had a day off on Tuesday as I was working at the theatre on Saturday.

Day 2: 18th October 2017

I didn’t have to be in until 2:30pm today as I was working later. The first thing I had to do was to go down stairs with Megan (a placement student from The Central School of Speech and Drama) to get some things for Phil (the Technical and Production Manager). We were helping set up the theatre space for a show that was going to be here on Saturday. I got to help put the rows of chairs together. It was easier than I thought it was going to be. Later I got to help out with the youth theatre group ‘Equinox’. It was really fun getting to work with the children; they are so creative when it came to coming up with  ideas. I had to help them with their work, and talk to them if they didn’t understand the exercise. When the session finished I helped everything pack away.

Day 3: 19th October 2017

I came in around quarter to 1 today because I had drama at school in the morning. It was a calm day because it was only Jackie, Stephen and I in the whole building for most of the day. I  had to sort some pictures for Stephen that were taken at an event called ‘Fun Palaces’ (a family fun day) so that they could go on the website. I had to keep the photos that I liked, and not delete them, and then delete the ones that I didn’t think would be right for the website.

Day 4: 20th October 2017

Today, I helped Phil to cut out some colour filters  for the lights in the theatre.

Jackie set me a task to set up the front desk with some biscuits and juice for the audience members coming on Saturday.

I also had to design the book shelf by displaying books and making it look presentable for when people came along to see the show.

Stephen got me to make sure that all the pencils had been sharpened in the art cart; this cart is for the children who come to Half Moon, it gives them a chance to be creative when they are waiting for the show or during break time when they are in Youth Theatre,

Day 5: 21st October 2017

My last day at Half moon was a busy day; I worked with two youth groups! They were very energetic because they were the younger age group of 5-8 year old’s. I got to see show at 2pm which was very cool, and interesting because it wasn’t like a regular show; the children in the audience were asked to bring a toy with them which the actors used during the show to improvise stories. They also had someone doing all of the sound effects with their  voice, and he played a few instruments. I am definitely going to miss working here as it was so much fun, with lots to  do.  It was a great experience, they always made sure that I had something to be a part of.

Ella came to us from Morpeth School (Tower Hamlets) from 16th – 21st October 2017