Youth Theatre Sharings

At the end of each term our Youth Theatres take part in an informal ‘sharing’ in front of friends and family and other Youth Theatre members and groups from the local community.


Sharings – Autumn 2016

Our seven Youth Theatres brought the autumn 2016 term to a close with some wonderful sharings in front of family and fri…

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Stages of Half Moon - Equinox Youth Theatre, Hopscotch Hypnosis, 1 July 2016 (13)

Sharings – Summer 2016

During the spring and summer terms Eclipse, Equinox, Lunar and Solar Youth Theatres used the last 44 years of Half Mo…

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Sharings – Spring 2016

During the spring term Comets, Sunbeam and Moonbeam Youth Theatres have been using Ancient Egypt as the stimulus for the…

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Sharings – Autumn 2015

Our seven Youth Theatres brought their autumn terms to a close with some lovely ‘sharings’ in front of famil…

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Sharings – Summer 2015

Eclipse, Lunar and Solar Youth Theatres have just finished their summer terms, which means the groups took part in a ser…

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Sharings – Spring 2015

Our six Youth Theatres are in the final week of their spring term, which means it’s time to find out what they’ve be…

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#LimehouseLandmark - Solar sharing 06.12 (5)-small

Sharings – Autumn 2014

The Youth Theatres took part in our #LimehouseLandmark celebrations in the Autumn Term 2014 by working on specially dev…

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