Youth Voice

Youth Voice is an important part of Youth Theatre at Half Moon and we regularly ask for guidance from our participants about how we can improve things and what they get out of their Youth Theatre sessions.


Quote of the week!

Every now and then we ask for a quote about what happened in Youth Theatre from a member of every group so we can keep other groups updated on what is happening in the other sessions. Here are some of the quotes from Saturday sessions to inspire new members starting this September:

Comets: I thought it was cool. I loved the lizard game.

Sunbeam: It was really good. I liked the freeze frames and when we played games.

Moonbeam: It was awesome because we got to do freeze frames and they were really good.


Youth Theatre Forum

YT Forum Autumn 2014

The formal way for Youth Theatre members to feed back to tutors, staff and the Board of Trustees at Half Moon is through our termly Youth Theatre Forum. Each Youth Theatre nominates two representatives to attend the meeting and share the group’s thoughts. One of our trustees attends and feeds back to the rest of the Board of Trustees.

Some comments from our last meetings included:

I’d say everyone gains confidence because everyone at Youth Theatre is so friendly and accepting and supportive of everyone else. So when new people come if they’re shy they instantly become more confident as it’s a really nice atmosphere.

I think a lot of parents and carers and families get excited when they come and watch.YT Forum Summer 2015 (3) web

I have learnt how to be a better storyteller and listen to other people’s opinions about what we could play and how we could make the games even more fun.

I like how the lesson starts. We do breathing exercises. I find that really good and it’s relaxing. I feel better starting the activities after that. I feel focused.

I would say watching other people’s performances give me lots of inspiration. When I see how good they are it makes me improve my acting.

Youth Theatre is a community where kids of all agYT Forum Spring 2017 2es come together to have a good time, and learn things which benefit their drama skills. The tutors don’t just use their ideas and tell us what to do. They use OUR ideas. It’s our show. It’s a great way to learn drama skills and how to progress in performance.


Youth Theatre is a place where you can let your true self out.

What I like is that the stories we’re doing they all have a twist to them. I like that there isn’t laughing, and that people take it seriously. You can be serious but also people can enjoy it and be nice behind the scenes.