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A Tangled Feet and Half Moon co-production for ages 3-8

LIVE IN VENUE TOUR –An uplifting tale of friendship, courage and facing your fears. Available for booking for performances in October 2022 only.

“I’ve got that funny feeling again… it’s a good thing, right?”

Three friends embark on an exciting adventure to chase their butterflies away. They cross new seas to uncharted lands, on a journey filled with discovery. The only trouble is they’re all a bit worried about it! During their voyage the group ride the waves, walk high bridges, skirt deep caves and climb to the sky, before reaching dry land braver than ever before.

Created in response to young children’s experience of anxiety, Butterflies is an uplifting tale of friendship, courage and facing your fears, told using innovative staging, breath taking physicality, the power of play and an original musical score

Butterflies is a co-production between award-winning theatre ensemble Tangled Feet and Half Moon, the UK’s leading small-scale theatre company creating work for young people.

This is an adapted version of the 2018 production that toured to great acclaim in February and March 2022. It is now being re-mounted in October 2022 due to public and venue demand. The traverse format version has an adapted narrative to support the exploration of how COVID has affected the anxiety levels and resilience of children. By witnessing the characters talk about, accept and use their anxiety creatively to overcome obstacles (both physically and metaphorically), the piece explores how coming together as a community can act as a launchpad to explore well-being and mindfulness.

In 2022, the show toured to venues and local schools, including the Spark Festival in Leicester, schools in Luton, and in Cornwall in partnership with Hall for Cornwall.

A full-length film of Butterflies is available for Programmers to watch privately. Please contact us if you would like access to this film.

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Show information

  • Performances last 45 mins (no interval). 1 or 2 shows a day. If a 2-show day, a minimum of 90 minutes between the end of the first show and the start of the next (e.g. 11am & 1.15pm) is required. Due to the nature of the production, it is designed for audiences of up to 70 (children and adults) but this is more dependent on space for audience.

    • Get-in: 75 mins before half with pre-rig completed prior to get in.
    • Get-out: 45 mins.
    • Venue Configuration: Black box studio / traverse on flat floor format. Performing area 3.25m (wide) x 7m (length) x 3.5m (height) with space either side of the traverse for audience to sit with some on carpet (toured by company) and other rows made up from either benches or chairs (venue to supply). If the performance space has fixed seating, please block these off.
    • Lighting: We tour our own simple lighting rig on floor stands which are positioned at each corner of the performing space. We will need access to a 13A supply on stage. A small, simple pre-rig of three lanterns is required (PAR64 CP62 downlight and two zoom profiles cross-lights all with no colour) to create a front of house focus which is operated by a venue technician before and after the show is performed for audience entrance and exit.
    • Sound: We are touring a laptop with QLAB. We will require a stereo mini-jack input into venue P.A. preferably with a D.I. box. The sound should emanate from the performance area. Alternatively, we can operate sound from our own sound system which we tour. We will need access to a 13A supply on stage
    • Staffing: There are 3 performers, plus a stage manager who will operate our lighting and sound, but we do require 1 in-house technician to assist with get-in, focus, plot and the get-out.
    • Parking: For a Mercedes Sprinter size van
    • Facilities: Dressing rooms for two male / one female performer.

    Technical Requirements (non-traditional spaces inc rural touring spaces):

    • Note that the piece can perform self-sufficiently without blackout as we tour our own sound and lights. Performing area is a traverse on flat floor format. 3.25m (wide) x 7m (length) x 3.5m (height) with space either side of the traverse for audience to sit with some on carpet (toured by company) and other rows made up from either benches or chairs (venue to supply). We need 1 venue contact to help with get-ins. Set-up times are 60 mins, exit within 45 mins.
    • Dedicated support from the marketing/PR and technical team at Half Moon/Tangled Feet.
    • Up to 500 A5 colour flyers and 15 A3 colour posters. (NB: overprinting will be at an additional cost, please enquire).
    • Images, production photos and other digital assets for venue or broader publicity usage.
  • For 1 or 2 shows per day.

    London (within the M25)
    £1000 + VAT

    All other locations
    £1500 + VAT

    If you book more than 1 day of shows on consecutive days, we may be able to offer a reduced price, please enquire.

    Note for venues at very long distances from London, an additional supplement of £100 per day may apply. Note venues that require a get-in the day before may be subject to a fee supplement. Please enquire.

    Please note that these fees are subject to a small additional supplement if your venue makes a compulsory contra to us for your costs at the contracting stage (e.g. credit card/box office; get-in/out; marketing/brochure contributions).

  • For schools (Early Years/Year 3 [3-8 year olds]), alongside the show we have various mindfulness activities and extra resources on offer. This includes:

    Free: A 10-week Mindfulness Programme Resource Pack; a CPD Pack for teachers.

    At additional costs:

    • A mindfulness workshop for specific pupils post show experience (this workshop explores the themes of the production and gives pupils the opportunity to reflect on the show and their own experience of ‘worries’. Introduces elements of mindfulness practice, through various age-appropriate activities, many transferred from our Mindfulness Project).
    • a full 10-week in school Mindfulness Programme
    • CPD for teachers (via Zoom or live).


A fantastic show, particularly relevant for the children to relate to currently. This will support the work we have been doing in school with social and emotional needs and has given us another tool to use together”

Classroom teacher, Ramsay Manor Lower School, MK45

“I brought my 5 and 3 year old to see Butterflies. They both absolutely loved it but my 5 year old especially. He is quite sensitive and sometimes nervous about doing new things, especially since Covid. We talked a lot about it after the show and he has been practicing making a butterfly with his hands. I hope it is now a tool he can use going forward. It was a wonderful performance and so refreshing to see something a bit different for children – such a great message.”

Message from an audience member on Instagram

“The children absolutely loved the show and so did I. The performers were brilliant and the story that they told through drama was just so perfect in addressing some of the things that our children face on a day-to-day basis. For me, to see a child who struggles to focus being able to sit still for 45 minutes mesmerised, and another child giggling and participating despite not knowing English, was amazing. It was a joy to see how inclusive and effective it was!”

Classroom teacher, Icknield Lower School, Dunstable

Butterflies shines a light on the challenging circumstances many young people are living in. As someone who has had anxiety for as long as I can remember – certainly from the age of the young audience sat around me, captivated by the show – seeing Butterflies 20 years ago would have been a truly transformative experience, though watching it now is powerful enough.”

Children’s Theatre Review
For more details on Butterflies, or if you would like to see the piece on tour, please contact:

Chris Elwell  | 020 7709 8902 or chris@halfmoon.org.uk
Martha Lloyd-Evans | 020 7709 8901 or martha@halfmoon.org.uk

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