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RECENTLY ADDED | Daytime Deewane

for ages 13+ and adult audiences

A Half Moon production

DIGITAL ON DEMAND TOUR – An exhilarating gig theatre experience by Azan Ahmed. Available throughout 202/25. Please enquire.

Daytime Deewane is being presented as an ‘as live’ performance for digital broadcast, as part of Half Moon’s digital performance platform. 

Put your sofa in the front row with a digital performance of Daytime Deewane, live-recorded at Half Moon and professionally filmed and edited. Join us for an online performance that puts the best seats in the house into your own home.

The end of an era is approaching. It’s 1997 and London is about to have its last daytime rave.

British South Asians flock for their last taste of rebellion. Among them are cousins Farhan and Sadiq. Both very different. Both escaping something. Both trying to decide what it means to be British and Pakistani, a Muslim and a man – and they’ve got until 6pm to figure it out.

Inspired by the daytime raves of 1990s British Asian culture, Daytime Deewane, by Azan Ahmed, explores the beauty and struggle of living with a multi-cultural identity as a teenager. Featuring spoken word and a DJ mix merging soundscapes and dance music, this immersive new show is an exhilarating gig theatre experience.

Content warning: The production contains references to self-harm. As part of depicting the experience of British South Asians in the 1990s, at times characters in the play referred to language which is racially offensive.

Supported by the Garrick Charitable Trust.

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WINNER – Off West End Offie Award 2023

FIANLISTS  – Off West End Offie Award 2023

Show information

  • Online performance lasts 63 mins.

  • Daytime Deewane is available in the following formats:

    • Film with closed captions
    • BSL interpreted film (with captions)
    • Audio Described film
  • For audiences to view at home via an online streaming platform, at a time that suits them:

    Daytime Deewane will be made available on a password protected Vimeo link, which will need to be passed onto bookers (link and password). The play has closed captioning for d/Deaf and hard of hearing audiences.

    Alternatively, the shows can be embedded onto the venue’s website and the page link sent to bookers. Audiences will still need to enter the password to access the video.  This will be available for your audiences to view for 14 days following the date of the last programmed online show. After this time the video will no longer be available to watch as the password will expire. Venues will not be sent a digital file of the booked show to download.

    For a live screening or at a specific date and time online experience:

    Venues will be released the full MP4 file so that a venue can play it through their own playback or cinema system. Captions will be sent as a separate SRT file for you to upload to your platform. This is for 1 day (2 showings are permitted per day). Venues are required to delete the MP4 file after use and not distribute to anyone else.

  • Please enquire.

  • The company can offer:

    • A 25 minute post show discussion film with the writer Azan Ahmed and assistant director Maryam Shaharuddin.
    • A 5 minute video of the show’s Sound Designer and Composer talking in detail about the musical influences in the show.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Unmissable! An exceptional, joyously buzzing piece of immersive gig theatre that sensitively articulates complex themes and deep social issues…. It’s an exceptional piece of writing from Azan Ahmed. It combines humour, complex discussions and familiar life experiences with historical reference and crucial themes still important today…. It’s a remarkably balanced achievement to dig so deep into painful, traumatic subjects, but still have the audience leave brimming with good feeling and energy…. I left the theatre grinning, exhilarated by superb performances, intricate and vibrant writing, and energised by the buoyant, pulsating beat. But I was also delighted at the sight of so many joyful teenagers who had just quietly been educated about a little bit of brown-skinned rebellion. Tell me again how theatre for children is the easy stuff.”

Everything Theatre

“Another fantastic touring production for young audiences from Half Moon Theatre which is well worth a watch if it heads near you.”

The Family Stage

“A joy to watch…. This is a fantastic piece of writing from Azan Ahmed, blending moments of comedy with complex issues and the realities of vulnerable youth…. Chris Elwell’s direction is seamless, making the most of every single moment in a whirling vortex of movement that builds in velocity to an exciting crescendo of emotion…. Looking around me, I loved seeing such a lot of young people enjoying the theatre, and perhaps pondering that their parents were once pretty cool too!”

The Place Backstage
For more details on Daytime Deewane, please contact:

Chris Elwell  | 020 7709 8902 or chris@halfmoon.org.uk

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