Road safety tour comes to an end

After visiting 33 Primary Schools in Tower Hamlets and Southwark, and performing to over 3,000 students, our two and half week tour of More Important Things has now finished.

More Important Things explored road safety in an interactive way. The show looked at the impact that serious injury and death can have upon the lives of young people, families and friends. It offered the audience input into the story by presenting different options to the scenarios showcased by the performers as they look at the dangers and life-changing accidents that occur on roads when a busy young teenager is distracted by ‘more important things’.

Taking part in the 2018 tour of More Important Things were Mark Conway, Alexandra Lloyd-Hamilton and Joanne Sandi, with Jordan Lockwood as the stage manager. The company posted a series of fun photos during the tour, which kept everyone up to date with the project. Check out the galleries below to see their social media photos as well as images from the show itself!

The Tower Hamlets tour was in partnership with the Tower Hamlets Road Safety Team.

The tour to Southwark was supported by the Newcomen Collett Foundation, London Bridge Building Communities and St Olave’s Foundation Fund.

More Important Things road safety tour June 2018