The Making of the Music: Blog from Alex Tosh (When Spring Comes)

2-1315903381_Alex Tosh-3 copyThe process of writing music can be a long, complicated thing. It can also be extremely easy. Suddenly you have an idea, then suddenly you have a song, and suddenly you have a score. You can’t quite say how you got there, but the important thing is that you did. For me this process has flitted between long and difficult, and short and sweet.

So, today is the day. Today is the day I tackle the music. You start with such optimism. The creative energy is flowing through you, which dwindles slightly as it takes 15 minutes to set up the loop pedal. You then take 10 minutes assembling and warming up three saxophones and a clarinet. The living room space is not so much of a space but more of a lack of space. You then sit for another 15 minutes, creating overly complicated rhythms on a Shaky Egg as you await some sort of inspiration. That creative energy? It’s long gone.

At the end of the road I can look back on these moments and laugh, safe in the knowledge that I have my musical score. But it is a memory that I hold onto even while performing. That there was a boy sat in his living room, with some shiny instruments scattered around, trying start this musical journey and faltering with each step along the road.

Being asked to write the music for a show that had already been devised, performed and had music composed for it by a different musician was a slightly daunting task. The feeling that I needed to step up and be counted hasn’t really left, but Director Chris, Dancer Vipul and the rest of the Half Moon gang have been brilliant, always encouraging and made me feel extremely welcome. It is one of those shows that you fall in love with and I hope that it is loved by the children and parents as much as it is loved by me.

When Spring Comes is at Half Moon is on Wednesday 28 May at 11am. Click here for more information and to book tickets.