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Georgie Fay

Halfway Home

by Georgie Fay | 19 April – 9 July 2018

A thought-provoking collection of photographs and prints that explored the notion of home and the everyday journeys we make, which are often taken for granted.

Halfway Home contained striking observations of place and space by London-based artist Georgie Fay. Her work for this exhibition explored the notion of flight and the journeys made by migrating birds, using the migrant crisis as a poignant point of reference. Georgie’s work represents the feelings of homesickness and nostalgia, which are often evoked when travelling and experiencing unfamiliar landscapes.

Participation, sharing and a socially engaged practice are at the heart of Georgie’s art and has led her to explore contemporary issues. Halfway Home researched the themes of loss of imagination, finding home, and mapping our world, particularly exploring them in relation to den building and collaborative map making.

Prints in the exhibition were created by combining traditional techniques of etchings with digital processes.  Embroidery stitching, colour and dry felting, collected by the artist, weres then been added to some of the work to create a patchwork of styles and reminiscences.

Photographs, taken by the artist on exploratory journeys, showed significant landscapes and places that have been given a dreamlike quality by additional layers of imagery.

Georgie Fay is a participatory artist and printmaker. She runs workshops and activities responding to her practice with various participants in and around central London. Georgie will be running workshops for schools at Half Moon as part of her residency.

georgiefay.com | Instagram: faygeorgie

Gallery @ Half Moon schools workshop programme generously supported by The Finnis Scott Foundation.

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