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There’s No Other Way

A timely exhibition by Katy Christianson exploring sustainable ways to explore the world.

10 January – 11 July 2022

Explore Gallery @ Half Moon
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On Demand

Put your sofa in the front row with streaming productions of some of our recent productions.

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Please note: Age ranges are recommended by the visiting companies. They serve as a guide only and we welcome siblings or other children from outside of the age range.

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Margo and Mr Whatsit

A woman stands in the middle with bunches and her mouth open, she is holding the faces and squeezing the cheeks of a man on the left and a women on the right. The background is black.

Sophia’s imaginary friend is Mr Whatsit. No matter where Sophia finds herself living, he’s always there with a joke to tell and a game to play. But when Sophia moves into her new foster home, Mr Whatsit finds himself unimagined! An interactive make-believe tale where the real and imaginary collide, and friends are never far away.

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Calendar Icon 5 Mar 2022
Age Rating IconAges 4+
Clock Icon55 minutes

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With a sultry, Harlem Renaissance-inspired score, Charleston dancing and a hatful of historical figures, Josephine blurs the real with the imagined as we follow one woman’s incredible journey from the slums of St Louis via the bright lights of Paris and into the hearts of the world.

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Calendar Icon 11 Mar 2022 - 12 Mar 2022
Age Rating IconAges 7+
Clock Icon60 minutes

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  • Fri 11 Mar 10:30 £7 Call Box Office
  • Fri 11 Mar 13:30 £7 Call Box Office
  • Sat 12 Mar 11:00 £7 Book Tickets
  • Sat 12 Mar 14:00 £7 Book Tickets

Ready Steady Rave

The silhouettes of people dancing with their hands in the air against a colourful kaleidoscopic background.

No mud, no rain, no need for sun-screen – just a festival vibe where party clothes, dancing shoes and your best moves are all that’s required. So are you ready? Are you steady? Let’s rave!

Ready Steady Rave features loud music. Participants may wish to consider bringing their own ear defenders to this event.

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Calendar Icon 19 Mar 2022
Age Rating IconAges 0-7
Clock Icon60 minutes

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Little Red Riding Hood

The Little Red Riding Hood poster shows cartoon trees on the right with red berries. An all red image of a girl is in the centre being followed by the shadow of a wolf. The background is white.

A wolf in granny’s clothing knows all about what fun dressing-up can be and in Little Red Riding Hood a magical wardrobe opens its doors to a fantastic display of gorgeous garments. We’re sure you’ll say what a great show we’ve got – all the better to thrill you with!

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Calendar Icon 2 Apr 2022
Age Rating IconAges 3+
Clock Icon50 minutes

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  • Sat 02 Apr 11:00 £7 Book Tickets
  • Sat 02 Apr 14:00 £7 Call Box Office

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Put your sofa in the front row with digital productions of some of our recent productions, recorded live at Half Moon Theatre. Watch a show whenever you want, and as many times as you like, for 48 hours.

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