Friends For All

Half Moon presents a Simon Mole production for 5-11s

A story about having the confidence to be yourself and stand up for what you believe in.

Friends for AllWhen being that little bit different can be a good thing after all…

8 year old Lexi doesn’t make friends as easily as some. If only her school would allow a non-school uniform day then she could be herself and find others like her. Inspired by Grandad’s hippy stories from the swinging 60s, she decides to fight the powers that be, namely her class teacher, Mr Marsh, and the class bully, Suzy.

Friends For All is an interactive spoken word performance for families, with rapping, dancing and far-out video projections. It is a story about having the confidence to be yourself and stand up for what you believe in.

Poet and rapper Simon Mole performs in this humorous and moving piece, co-created with theatre maker Peader Kirk.

Commissioned by the V&A as part of the Family Art Fun Programme and inspired by their You Say You Want a Revolution exhibition (2016/17). Developed with support from Apples and Snakes, the Albany, University of Bedfordshire and Birkbeck Centre for Contemporary Theatre.



There are a range of photos and trailers for Friends for All is available to view at the following:


Trailer 1: (short version / sales)

Trailer 2: (long version / promoters)

Performance & Talkback Length (if taken up)

Performances last 40 mins (no interval). The performer is happy to speak informally with the audiences after the show. If a 2 show day a minimum of 2 hours between the start of shows (e.g. 11am & 1pm) is required.

Resource pack

The company provides an extensive resource pack for schools linked to the National Curriculum including video content and suggested session plans for both pre and post-show learning:

Reviews / Feedback

“The play suggests that it’s…vital for young people to question the rules and think for themselves, developing the critical thinking skills that will equip them for a future of informed decision-making and political awareness.”
(Children’s Theatre Reviews)

“Friends For All is a cool yet quirky performance that effortlessly encompasses all the key themes on revolutions and protest for young minds​.”
(Afia Yeboah, Victoria & Albert Museum – Performance Programme Manager)

“The storytelling capabilities of Simon Mole are endless and continue to astound.”
(Bea Colley, Southbank Centre – Participation Producer)

“Simon is an amazing poet with extraordinary linguistic skills, and has a natural talent with young people.”
(Tim Connelly, Librarian, Downham library.)

Audience Quotes:

Very engaging and thought-provoking – also for the grown-ups!

A wonderful, confirming experience for any child feeling uncertain!

Enjoyable, clever. A nice way to remind our children and ourselves that we are all different!

Touring details:

Available for booking from February 2018. Note that bookings made are subject to a successful GfA bid, outcome will be known by September 2017.

Technical Requirements (venues):

  • Get-in: 3 ½ hours minimum before half with pre rig.
  • Get-out: 1 hour.
  • Venue Configuration: End on. Performing area minimum 6m meters (wide) by 5m (depth) with 3m (height).
  • Setting:  Black box set up with white cyc / screen upstage with full blackout. The set is a series of white movable freestanding boxes and are projected upon.
  • Projection: Ideally venues should supply a 10K lumen projector unit with a wide angle lens (0.8). The unit needs to be suspended centrally over the auditorium approximately 4 meters from the setting line. If no wide angle lens is available the distance from the setting line will need to increase to ensure full coverage of the performing area. Cabling (HDMI) required to the sound operating position. If this is not possible, we can hire the projector. Your grid plan must be riggable within the parameters required / stated. As part of get in is in a dark stage to re map all the video cues which takes about 1 ½ hours. We are touring all the other video programs / ancillary equipment.
  • Lighting: Consists of 6 fresnel specials (3 on the setting line / three on the stage) plus three pairs of wide angle pipe end profile cross lights (downstage, centre-stage and upstage) and a three primary colour back and side light wash. There are 23 LXQ´s to be plotted. Pre-rig must be completed before the get in as the focus will take time. We provide ETC file & paper plot.
  • Sound: Full venue P.A. system. We tour a Mac with QLAB so require a mini-jack input to your desk. A headset radio microphone is required.
  • Technical staff: 1 technician to assist with get-in, rigging of projector, focusing and the get out.  If Lighting and Sound cannot be operated together then the venue technician will be required to operate lighting allowing communication between them and our Stage Manager.
  • Parking: For a medium size transit van.
  • Facilities: Dressing room for one male performer.

Technical Requirements (festivals, non-traditional spaces):

Please enquire.

We provide:

  • Dedicated support from the marketing/PR and technical team at Half Moon.
  • Up to 500 A5 colour flyers and 15 A3 colour posters. (NB: overprinting will be at an additional cost, please enquire).
  • Images and production photos for use within venue brochures or broader usage including digital.


1 or 2 shows per day.

London/commutable (less than 70 miles from London)

  • £850 + VAT
  • £700 + VAT per day for additional dates at same venue

All other locations

  • £950 + VAT
  • £800 + VAT per day for additional dates at same venue

Note for venues at very long distances from London, an additional supplement of £100 per day may apply. Note venues that require a get-in the day before may be subject to a fee supplement. Please enquire.

Please note that these fees are subject to a small additional supplement if your venue makes a compulsory contra to us for your costs at the contracting stage (e.g. credit card/box office; get-in/out; marketing/brochure contributions).

Creative Learning Opportunities

In addition to a comprehensive free education pack, the company can provide a range of bespoke creative learning and enrichment activities for young people aged 5-11 in schools and community settings using creative writing, spoken word/poetry and performance to complement the performance. These sessions aim to inspire students to think about how they can effect change in society and their local community and are directly linked to the National Curriculum Framework for both PSHE/Citizenship and poetry within English Programmes of Study at Key Stage 1 & 2. Please enquire for availability and prices.

For more details on this, please contact:   
Chris Elwell on 0207 709 8902 /