Off The Grid

A Half Moon production for ages 13+

“I trade in my teenage years for you

To protect you

Create what I never had

So you’ll see how beautiful the world can be”

Off the Grid - promo image (lo-res)Connor and Kelly are brother and sister. They share the same birthday, but ten years apart. Since the disappearance of their parents, when Kelly was three, they have been dependent on each other for survival. Connor is everything to Kelly: dad, brother, mum, friend – and storyteller. They’ve learned how important it is to believe in something fantastic when you’re living off the grid.

But what happens when you discover you’ve made the wrong decision? Forced to back down, do you sacrifice your beliefs in order to stay together?

Developed in partnership with young people, Off the Grid is an immersive new play by David Lane that navigates a shocking and heart breaking human story through the underbelly of a hidden society. Follow Connor and Kelly over seven years and discover if their own tale is as hopeful as the fiction they’ve clung on to for their very existence.

Off the Grid is presented by Half Moon, the UK’s leading small-scale theatre company making work for young people and follows on from the company’s 2017 award-winning co-production What Once Was Ours (Off West End OFFIE Award for Best Production for Young People aged 13+; “★★★★★ Stuns the audience into silence,” London Theatre 1).

Off the Grid is written by one of the most exciting writers in the field of work aimed at young adult audiences whose previous work for the company has included Free and Begin/End.

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A promotional image for this production is accessible via the following link:

Further images will be available at a later date, please enquire.

Performance Length (Including Q & A)

Performances last 60 mins (no interval). If there is a Q & A session scheduled, then this will take place in the performing space for a maximum of 20 minutes. If a 2 show day, a minimum of 2.5 hours between the start of shows is required (e.g. 4.30pm & 7pm).

Reviews for previous Half Moon productions for this age range:

“A phenomenal piece of theatre… completely compelling”

What Once Was Ours (2017) – Children’s Theatre Review – Top 10 Show of 2017

“A truly 360-degree performance with moments of pure joy and humour”

What Once Was Ours (2017) – Culturised

“It lays out the humanity of the issue and allows its audience to enter into the problem, not as children, but as people.”

People Are People (2016) – Children’s Theatre Reviews – Top 10 Show of 2016

“An intense thought-provoking story and remarkable skills of storytelling makes Her captivating to watch. ★★★★”

Her (2016) – LondonTheatre1

Touring details:

Available for booking for a very limited period between 13th November and 2nd December 2018 only.

Technical Requirements for Venues:

  • Venue Specification: Full blackout required. No auditorium seating used. Flat floor with minimum of 8 metres by 6 metres. Audience are within this floor space. Capacity limited to 80 for the minimum area, maybe increased if extra floor space available.
  • Setting: Black box theatre presentation. No wing space required.
  • Get-in / Out: 4 hours prior to the performance start time and 1 hour after audience have cleared.
  • Lighting / Sound:  Lighting and sound are operated from within the floor area as part of the action by our SM. We tour with 4 LX stands and 4 speaker stands which are positioned in each corner.
  • All sound equipment is toured. There is no requirement for the in-house P.A. Lighting control is a toured Nomad so a DMX connection to the house dimmers is required to control the venue pre-rigged items that are part of the lighting design.
  • Venue technical staff: 1 venue tech from get in required.
  • Parking: For a long wheel based crew bus.
  • Facilities: Two secure dressing rooms with an ironing board and access to hot and cold water and toilet facilities.

We provide:

  • Dedicated support from the marketing/PR and technical team at Half Moon.
  • Up to 500 A5 colour flyers and 15 A3 colour posters. (NB: overprinting will be at an additional cost, please enquire).
  • Images and production photos for use within venue brochures or broader usage including digital.


1 or 2 shows per day.

London/commutable (less than 70 miles from London)

£625 + VAT

All other locations

£775 + VAT

Please enquire for prices for multiple days.

Note for venues at very long distances from London, an additional supplement of £100 per day may apply. Note venues that require a get-in the day before may be subject to a fee supplement. Please enquire.

Please note that these fees are subject to an additional supplement if your venue makes a compulsory contra to us for your costs at the contracting stage (e.g. credit card/box office; get-in/out; marketing/brochure contributions).

Creative Learning Opportunities

Half Moon can offer bespoke workshops for groups on the themes of the performance or on the creation of original theatre. CPD workshops for teachers is also available on request.

For more details on this, please contact:   
Chris Elwell on 0207 709 8902 /