The Goose Who Flew

Half Moon presents a Lots of Odds Theatre production
for ages 3-7

A heartfelt story about compassion, community and understanding

The Goose Who Flew. Photo by Stephen Beeny (1-web-square)“If I was a goose, who flew, what would I do? Where would I go? I know, do you?”

Goose loves the summer, playing with his family and friends – swimming on the rivers, flying above the treetops and singing under the gaze of the full moon. When the days start to become colder, Goose knows it will soon be time to fly south for the winter. But, as his journey begins, things are not as they should be. Down below, a border has appeared and there are barbed wire fences and flashing lights.

The Goose Who Flew is a heartfelt story about the importance of compassion, community and understanding. Using charming storytelling, playful puppetry and an assortment of quirky characters – including Goose’s metallic friend Bolty, paper-loving official Whiskers and a feathery jazz singer called Flossy – this delightful new show offers an age appropriate exploration of the issues facing people who seek safety in a new land.




There are a range of photos and a trailer for this production available to view at the following links:

Show trailer:

An interview with Amber-Rose May, suggested social media posts and a press release for The Goose Who Flew, can also be downloaded from the Dropbox link above.

Audience Feedback

“Every child loved it and were completely enchanted by it. They were just buzzing after and couldn’t wait to make their own puppets with feathers and elastics to wear on their feet! What a stimulus it was.”
Early Years Teacher

“Very good. Very emotional. Thank you.”
Audience member, age 9

“How beautiful. What a wonderful show.”
Audience member

Performance Length and Audience Restrictions

  • Performances last 40 minutes (no interval).
  • After the performance, audiences are invited to meet Goose.

Touring Details

Available on an ongoing basis until 31 March 2020.

Technical Requirements (venues)

  • Get-in: 1 hour & 30 mins before half.
  • Get-out: 30 minutes.
  • Venue configuration: Front-on.
  • Pre-rig: Required. There are a small number of specials in addition to three shuttered wash states delineating a performance space of 5m [minimum 4m] (width) by 4m [minimum 3.6m (depth) by 3m (height). Black-out required.
  • Sound: We supply a laptop with QLAB and sound card. We require 2 xlrs’ into venues P.A. 2 front speakers.
  • Technical staff – 1 technician to operate 17 lighting and 17 sound cues.
  • Lockable dressing room.
  • Parking for one small van: 3.86m length, 1.86m width and 1.72 height.

Technical Requirements (libraries and non-theatre venues including festivals/rural spaces/community spaces)

  • This show can be run without lighting. We do not require a blackout.
  • The sound is operated by the performer using our own sound system, but we do require a 13A power supply/socket in the performance space.
  • A member of staff is needed to host and help with the set-up.
  • Ideally the performance space needs to be minimum 3.5m (width) by 3m (depth) by 2.4m (height).
  • We need 60 minutes for set-up, 30 minutes to clear.
  • A lockable room to act as a dressing room.
  • Parking for one small van: 3.86m length, 1.86m width and 1.72 height.

We Provide

  • Dedicated support from the marketing/PR and technical team at Half Moon.
  • Up to 500 A5 colour flyers and 15 A3 colour posters. (NB: overprinting will be at an additional cost please enquire).
  • Images and production photos for use within venue brochures or broader usage including digital.


  • 1 or 2 shows a day.
  • London – £640 + VAT (£580 + VAT for each additional day)
  • All other regions – £750 + VAT (£680 for each additional day)

For weekday gigs or if organising a regional block, reduced rates may apply, please enquire.

Please note that these fees are subject to a small additional supplement if your venue makes a compulsory contra to us for your costs at the contracting stage (e.g. credit card/box office; get-in/out; marketing/brochure contributions).

Note for venues at very long distances from London, an additional supplement of £100 per day may apply. Please enquire.

Creative Learning Activities/Workshops

The company are able to offer a range of bespoke creative learning activities for schools and family groups on request to complement the performance at additional costs. Please enquire for prices.

For more details on this, please contact:   
Chris Elwell on 020 7709 8902 / chris[at]