Work Experience at Half Moon: Holly Lancaster

Holly Lancaster visited us from St Michael’s Catholic College for a week’s work experience. This is what she had to say about her experience…

I was given an incredible opportunity to work at Half Moon Theatre for one week of work experience, giving me an insight to the world of work in theatre. At first, I was very worried about starting at Half Moon because it was the first time I have ever worked in a real working environment but Half Moon Theatre were very welcoming and treated me the same as every other member of staff. I was faced with many tasks to complete and managed to accomplish them all with the help of their team.

Many people think theatres are singularly about acting but my work experience here at Half Moon has helped me realise that a lot of hard work must be done to produce a successful show and keep the theatre running. I completed a variety of activities throughout the week from working with actors, reading through scripts with professional actors, packaging posters and leaflets, sitting in on auditions, working with youth theatres and helping design pieces of forum theatre for primary schools.

I was very privileged to sit in and watch some auditions for the part of Zara in Half Moons new, upcoming play called FREE. This allowed me to see what auditions consist of and what is needed for a successful one – helping me have a clearer and more confident idea for the future as I would love to go into theatre. Before my work experience at Half Moon I attended ‘Careers in Theatre’; a day put together by Half Moon for many secondary schools. Lucky for me, I got to act out a scene from the play FREE so I already knew what the play was about, ahead of the auditions. The play is about two teenagers who meet through their love of free-running and are faced with many life-changing choices that they must overcome together. Tickets for the show will be on sale in summer 2014 and click here for more information on the play.

I was very fortunate to be given a place here at half moon and I think working here has allowed me to have a further insight into the world of work especially in theatre. I now know what it takes to be successful actress and how much hard work is needed. Being here has allowed me to work with new people and made me much more confident, independent and mature person. Half Moon has showed me so many more opportunities there are to get into acting and it has assured me that I want to go into theatre as a career. I hope to join the youth theatre soon and will hopefully get some acting opportunities in the future.

Holly Lancaster (30 June 2014 – 4 July 2014)