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We have an ongoing Work Experience Programme at Half Moon Theatre. Our latest Work Experience student, Nusrat Hossain (who’ve we’ve had the pleasure of hosting at Half Moon since Monday 17 March), talks about her experience below:



Hi readers! My name’s Nusrat and I am doing
a week of work experience at
 Half Moon Theatre and it’s going great. I take part in lots of activities like visiting schools to watching youth theatre and doing some creative administration. It truly is an amazing experience, as it gives me a good insight of what work in the theatre may be like. I can safely say it isn’t all fun and games! 

This work placement is different than what I’m normally used to; as I’m always treated like a chid it feels great being treated like an adult in a professional work place. Although I’m only in year 10 I am very mature! The other practitioners at the theatre are super friendly and were always willing to lend a hand.

In just one week I will have completed numerous activities that I normally wouldn’t have done if I was somewhere else. For example one thing that really stands out was the ‘Dramatic Maths’ workshop which explored maths with fairy tales making the concept of maths much easier for young children. I never knew maths could be so much fun!

The work experience placement definitely has its perks as well as its challenges. One thing that really proved to be beneficial is the day to day evaluation which reminds me what skills I have undertook and what I need to work on later on in the week to make sure the week goes smoothly.

This week will be gone in a flash and throughout the week I will have taken in an understanding of what ‘work’ in general can be like. I know that I would love to do it all over again!

Nusrat Hossain, 19.03.14

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