Work Experience Blog

Below, you can read the blogs from the young people who have recently undertaken work experience placements with us. Find out first hand what it’s like to spend a week with us!


Blog: Stella Benjamin

Hi my name is Stella I came to the Half Moon theatre to get the experience of working in the theatre for maybe a future …

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Blog: Riazul Ikram

Hi, it’s me riazul. (lowercase R and full stop for aesthetic). I guess I need to talk about my experience here at the …

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Blog: Rio Puffett

Monday 24th April – First day of Work Experience at Half Moon, and I just barely arrived on time, still half asleep be…

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Chelsea Crouch - 800

Blog: Chelsea Crouch

Hey my name’s Chelsea and I have just finished my two weeks of work experience, and this week I was at the famous Half…

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Work Exp Blog 2

Blog: Zara Nasir

4 days at Half Moon Day 1: It was 12:30 when I was stood outside the Half Moon Theatre; I was feeling animated and surpr…

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Afis Square

Blog: Afis Adeyemi

When arriving outside the theatre I was excited to see what it had in store for me but at the same time nervous to see i…

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Abdul (Square)

Blog: Abdul Hameed

Day 1: On my first day of work experience I made my way to the theatre rather early: I set out at 09:25 when I had to be…

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Ayesha - Square

Blog: Ayesha Akhtar

Day 1: On my first day at Half Moon Theatre I started at 12:00 and had arrived on time and I was really nervous and shy …

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Ellie Square

Blog: Ellie Clappison Smith

I am coming to the end of my week of work experience at the Half Moon Theatre, and I have really enjoyed myself. All th…

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Work Experience Blog Archive

An archive of all our work experience blogs. Read on and find out first hand what it’s like to spend a week with us!

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