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Visiting Companies

Visiting Companies can find basic information prior to their arrival on the drop-down sections below. This information has been created for the companies coming to perform at Half Moon, typically for one day on a Saturday, as part of our family programme.

Those visiting on other days, or part of a longer run, or who at the point of contracting may have agreed variations outside of this basic information, should refer to their Performance Agreement Contract and download the venue information pack below that gives full and comprehensive information to support your visit to Half Moon.

Alternatively, contact our Technical and Production Manager, Emily Walls: technical@halfmoon.org.uk

If you have any queries regarding your Performance Agreement Contract, please our Venue and Programmes Administrator, Martha Lloyd-Evans: martha@halfmoon.org.uk

Download venue information pack How to get to Half Moon
    • 2.5 hours before the first scheduled performance start time.
    • For example: for an 11am performance, the arrival time will be 8.30am.
    • We aim to open the house to the audience 10 minutes before the performance start time.
    • Please confirm your arrival time by contacting technical@halfmoontheatre.org.uk
    • There is no parking at the theatre (except for loading and unloading).
    • All parking is street parking.
    • Street parking outside the venue on White Horse Road is by paid meter parking (through the RingGo app), Mon–Fri between 8.30am and 5.30pm; Free parking is available between 5.30pm and 8.30am weekdays and all-day Saturdays and Sundays.
    • Half Moon is in the London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Find out more.
    • We are not within the Congestion Charge (CC).
    • We are very close to the Rotherhithe Tunnel. The tunnel has strict restrictions and fines in place for vans using the tunnel. Find out more.
    • Please be aware that White Horse Road is a one-way street, so keep this in mind when approaching and leaving the venue.
    • The loading bay is accessed through the black gates to the left-hand side of our building.
    • If the gates are locked, please call: 020 7709 8900 to gain access.
    • We have a dock door – 1.3m (w) x 2.5m (h) – at the side of the theatre that can be accessed via our access passage and then a set of fire escape steps and a scissor lift platform – 2.2m (w) x 1.5m (l), 2.5m (h); 1000kgs (max weight).
    • While we are able to agree parking during the loading phase, we cannot provide parking for your company vehicle at other times.
    • Pay by phone parking is available outside the front of the building.
    • It is free to park on the road before 8.30am and after 5:30pm on weekdays and all weekend. 
    • The theatre is a black box set up with serge drapes on tracks along the walls.
    • There are no wings or crossover. The distance between the black tabs and wall is approx. 30cm.
    • The entrance for performers is from the dressing room (located in the Red Room on the 1st floor) and then from the door behind the seating bank at the rear of the theatre.
    • While we are not a flying venue, there is a single hemp fly bar, positioned upstage, between the upstage most IWBs that can be used to rig backdrops or create a crossover using black serge. The pipe is 5 meters long and has a SWL of 300kg.
    • The theatre floor is oil tempered hardboard painted black.
    • There is no dance floor. You are welcome to provide your own floor cloths, dance floor or other floor coverings.
    • Only professional theatre grade Le Mark Gaffer Tape can be used on the floor.
    • There is a white PVC projection screen on the back wall measuring 5.4m (W) x 3m (H). This sits 88cm off the stage floor. The black serge drapes can cover this when not required. This projector screen cannot be removed.
    • Additional equipment is subject to availability, please contact technical@halfmoon.org.uk with your requirements.
    • The theatre uses a fixed LED lighting rig, which provides adequate and versatile cover of the playing space.
    • We have a small selection of gobos and different sized gobo holders. Please let us know in advance if you are bringing gobos.
    • If additional or specific lighting is required, please provide your lighting plan no later than 4 weeks prior to get in. A pre-rig can be arranged (subject to in-house equipment stock) if agreed at the contracting stage.
    • Our sound system is made up of 5 speakers suspended from the grid and provide a good level and range of sound for audience position, they cannot be removed or relocated.
    • A technician is available for get-ins/outs and for running sound and/or lx during the performance. 
    • The control position is situated at the back of the theatre and LX, sound and video can all be operated at the same time. The position is designed for one person. This structure cannot be moved although alternative operating positions can be set-up if required.
    • Please bring lighting, sound or video files on a USB drive or email to technical@halfmoon.org.uk
    • There is a lockable dressing room on the first floor of the building (The Red Room). 
    • The dressing room has two stations with lit mirrors, as well as additional seating and tables. It is provided for your sole use during your time at Half Moon and we will provide you with a key and WiFi details on arrival.
    • An iron and ironing board are kept in the dressing room, along with coat hangers and hooks for costumes.
    • In the basement, we have a washing machine (quickest cycle is 39mins) and tumble dryer available upon request (contra cost may apply). We have laundry baskets and drying racks, please provide your own laundry supplies and towels if required.
    • Tea and coffee-making facilities are provided in the first-floor green room/kitchen.
    • Toilets and a shower are adjacent to the dressing room, all are fully accessible. 
    • Seating is end-on and made up of 5 rows of soft seating, using a tiered seating bank with rows of cushions in front of them. The auditorium can seat up to 85 people in this configuration, depending on the age and make-up of the audience.
    • The seating bank cannot be removed. When not in use it is concealed at the back of the theatre under a black serge drape.
    • Those visiting who at the point of contracting may have agreed variations (i.e. flat floor; traverse) should contact our Technical and Production Manager, Emily Walls: technical@halfmoon.org.uk or refer to your Performance Agreement Contract.  
    • Half Moon will organise all front of house responsibilities. Should you wish to provide any additional literature or displays, please ensure that Half Moon have been notified in advance. This information should have been provided in your signed Performance Agreement Contract.
    • On arrival, please ensure that any merchandising – including programme sales – have been discussed with the Duty Manager.
    • There is a commission of 20% plus VAT for selling merchandise/programmes.
    • Please note that we run our own bookshop and it is not possible for visiting companies to sell books unless agreed in advance.
    • Free sheets can be e-mailed in advance and made available to the audience. If we need to print any copies, a contra cost may apply. Please send PDF files to admin@halfmoon.org.uk.
    • The house must be open to the public at least 10 minutes before the show begins.
    • We require all visiting companies to allow ‘touch tours’ before performances for Blind/visually impaired patrons.
    • Limited house lights remain on at the rear exit area for the duration of the performance, as an audience friendly venue.
    • Please note that as an audience friendly venue, we allow latecomers and re-admission at any time. 
    • Our FOH assistants will be present during the performance and will assist audience members to their seats as well as helping with any necessary audience control.
    • Once the audience is seated, our duty manager will deliver a short health and safety announcement before the performance begins.
    • Please refer to your Performance Agreement Contract for all other details.

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