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Half Moon On Demand is a streaming service offering unforgettable theatre for young audiences available to watch any time, anywhere.

You can now watch digital productions of some of our recent shows for young people online, recorded live at Half Moon Theatre and professionally filmed and edited.

Our On Demand service allows you to watch a show for £7 whenever you want, and as many times as you like for 48 hours. Join us for an online performance that puts the best seats in the house into your own home.

Closed captions and British Sign Language (BSL) interpreted productions available.

“Half Moon On Demand enables me to enjoy theatre, which is one of my favourite things in the world. If there was no online theatre, I wouldn’t get to enjoy theatre”

“The access to the live streamed shows gives a great opportunity to see live theatre for those who wouldn’t usually be able to participate”

“We live outside of the UK and having access to the digital format was such a unique opportunity for us to enjoy the great shows of Half Moon Theatre. That was certainly one of the highlights for our kids and the whole family during this last challenging year. Thank you for bringing joy, awe and laughter to our home! We hope to be able to enjoy many more Half Moon On Demand productions online.”

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On Demand shows available to watch now

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for ages 4-9

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The House That Jackson Built

for ages 4-10

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Paper Aeroplane

for ages 3-7

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Rolling Down the Road

for ages 3-11

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What Once Was Ours

for ages 13+

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A Half Moon and Z-arts co-production for ages 4-9
A joyous reminder about just how playful the world can be by award-winning children’s author Laura Dockrill, with music by Hugo White of The Maccabees

When Little Titch and her scruffy rucksack arrive at the giant, pink house it is not what she expected – a blanket of thick grey dust covers everything in sight and it is wild and overgrown. Her new home is cold and unwelcoming until she meets Nelly, a flamboyant and loveable old Aunt. Together the pair discover they have more in common than they first thought and that friendship can heal hidden wounds.

Written by acclaimed award-winning children’s author Laura Dockrill, Dust uses exciting puppetry and exquisite poetic language to explore a heartfelt story about love, loss, identity and memory. With haunting music by Hugo White of The Maccabees, this striking and emotional new play is a joyous reminder about just how playful the world can be.

Dust has closed captioning for d/Deaf and hard of hearing audiences and is also available with British Sign Language.

Dust won the OnComm Offiette Award for Best Theatre for Children Aged 5-11 at the 2022 Offies, the Off West End Theatre Awards.


Interview with Laura Dockrill Interview with Hugo White

⭐⭐⭐⭐ “An utterly enjoyable production… [that] has an inherent beauty and magic…. Dust deals with a number of difficult emotions, but with such a light touch it’s suitable for children of any age, including the adult kind… A captivating, imaginative production that uses tiny particles to make big things possible”

Everything Theatre

⭐⭐⭐⭐ “One of the most magnificent sets I have ever seen… An ancient tale reimagined with new actors and a show-stopping set”

A Younger Theatre

The House That Jackson Built

Half Moon presents a Justin Coe production for 4-10s
This magical spoken word theatre show delights in family, recycling and the power of imagination

Jackson’s dad is building a new house out of weird and whacky bits and bobs that people have thrown away. The last few years have been hard for young Jackson, living without his mum. Now his dad wants to make a new start, but Jackson isn’t ready to move on. Not until he blows the dust off mum’s favourite old book and conjures up the Story Fairy.

Celebrating books and the joy of reading, The House That Jackson Built features a larger than life pop-up book and thrilling adventures, including a giant who cannot say “fee-fi-fo-fum”, an elephant professor and the Wordy Wordy Birdie.

The House That Jackson Built has closed captioning for d/Deaf and hard of hearing audiences and is also available with British Sign Language.

Interview with Justin Coe

Paper Aeroplane

Half Moon presents a Lots of Odds Theatre production for ages 3-7
Lift-off on a journey full of music, physicality and zooming paper aeroplanes

Take flight with two new friends as they soar through clouds, fly over distant seas and circle faraway lands. They touch down in mysterious new places and discover oceans to swim in, rocks to clamber over and bridges to cross. But where will they fly to next?

Lift-off on a journey full of music, physicality and zooming paper aeroplanes, where sometimes the skies are not as clear as we first think.

Developed with children who have shared their experiences of losing loved ones, Paper Aeroplane sensitively explores loss and bereavement, the challenges we face when trying to move on, and how we can help one another along the way.

Paper Aeroplane has closed captioning for d/Deaf and hard of hearing audiences and is also available with British Sign Language.

Interview with the Director of Paper Aeroplane

“The performance handles grief and loss in childhood in a thoughtful way that somehow manages to be playful.”

Tower Hamlets Mum 

“A warm and tender show.”

Audience member

Rolling Down the Road

Little Seeds Music, Half Moon and The Story Museum Oxford present a David Gibb production for ages 3-11
A magical musical bus ride for children and families

All aboard! Family singer songwriter David Gibb is proud to be the driver of the world’s first bus to be powered by song. However, his passengers’ choice of music can sometimes be a little unusual.

From talking sunflowers to digging for buried treasure, David and his two musical companions need your help to find the perfect song for each of their passengers and get the magical, musical bus rolling down the road. Grab your ticket, take a seat in the comfort of your own home and get ready for a musical bus ride to remember!

David’s song writing draws from a wide range of musical influences, deftly blending folk, jazz, reggae and rock and roll, always with an emphasis on quality and musicianship reminiscent of the classics. Guaranteed to have both parents and children singing along, this is a show that the whole family can enjoy together.

Rolling Down the Road has closed captioning for d/Deaf and hard of hearing audiences.

“A great introduction to musical instruments and live music for young audiences”

The Family Stage

What Once Was Ours

A Zest Theatre and Half Moon co-production for ages 13+
An immersive show about identity and belonging

Katie and Callum couldn’t be any more distant and disconnected: different heritage, different cities, different opportunities. Except there is one thing they’ll always have in common: Dad. What happens when Callum suddenly turns up in desperate need of help?

Created against the background of Brexit in 2017, this hard-hitting production is now being presented online, as the UK exits the EU. Developed in consultation with young people across the country, What Once Was Ours uses their direct words and opinions to explore how politics and national values impact on the complex lives of one family and asks why we’ve become so fearful of anyone who is different from us.

Still powerfully relevant and directly provocative, the Off West End Award winning What Once Was Ours is a Zest Theatre and Half Moon co-production.

What Once Was Ours has closed captioning for d/Deaf and hard of hearing audiences.


Off West End Theatre Awards 2018

“Stuns the audience into silence”

★★★★★ LondonTheatre1

“A very powerful voice for those growing up in an uncertain world”

★★★★ Theatre Bath

All our On Demand productions have closed captioning for d/Deaf and hard of hearing audiences and many of them are also available with British Sign Language.

More shows will be added to the Half Moon On Demand collection soon.

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Half Moon’s recent digital work was been made possible by funding from The National Lottery Community Fund, distributed by City Bridge Trust through the London Community Response Fund. Thanks to National Lottery players for making this possible.



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