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Youth Theatre Awards

Half Moon recognises young people’s achievement through Arts Award and the Jack Petchey Achievement Awards.

All of our Youth Theatre members also have the chance to participate in our Youth Forum to feed back their thoughts to the tutors, core team and Board of Trustees at Half Moon.

Each term, we celebrate the positive contributions of two young people from each of our eight Youth Theatres through our Recognition Scheme. For Lunar, Orbit and Solar, six of these awards in a year are Jack Petchey Achievement Awards.

All voting is done by the young people themselves and part of our commitment to encouraging all our young people to celebrate their own contributions as well as recognising the development and participation of their peers.

The young people create a wish list of items and additional experiences they would like which are funded by the Jack Petchey Award. This includes trips to performances, sessions with specialist artists, or equipment for their Youth Theatre sessions.

Jack Petchey and Recognition Award winners, their families and carers, community representatives, local VIPs and Half Moon staff attend the Awards presentations which take place as part of the end of term Youth Theatre sharings.

Recent Jack Petchey Winners

Our most recent Jack Petchey winners were selected by their groups for a variety of qualities, such as: being kind, sharing good ideas, helping others, being supportive, for being a good actor, being a good leader, for not giving up and always trying hard.

The young people have chosen to spend the money on a new wormery, a reusable cup system, and bike racks outside, these environmentally friendly ideas followed on from discussions about climate change in our Youth Theatre forum. They also spent it on an end of term party for all the Youth Theatres to come together, a trip to the theatre and an opening event for our exhibition.

We also run the Jack Petchey Leader Award. Our Youth

Theatre members voted for, Beccy Allen, many of which had known her for their whole time at Youth Theatre. Beccy chose put the grant towards new outdoor seating and covers for everyone to be able to enjoy our outdoor space.

Our gallery of all our winners can be seen in the Youth Theatre noticeboard in our foyer. Take a look when you next visit.

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