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TYA Programmers

Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) Venue Programmers Consortium

A consortium for people across the country who programme work for children and young people into their venues, touring networks, community, rural or local authority spaces. Quarterly sessions aim to provide a space to discuss work, latest trends and explore collaborative programming, and, importantly, provide a networking opportunity.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Friday 9th February (10.30 – 4) at Southbank Centre, London. SE1 8XX.

The exact details of timings and what we will see / do will be posted in January, 2024.

Thanks to Alex at Southbank and their colleague Sagal who are pulling together the offer for the day around some elements of the Imagine Festival; the day will include our normal ‘chat’ session plus a chance to see some work being presented and work in progress that feature at the festival: details here of the wider festival: https://www.southbankcentre.co.uk/whats-on/festivals-series/imagine-childrens-festival

Please request using the form below if you wish to attend.


The Consortium is open to programmers from venues, touring circuits and festivals across the country. If you are a programmer of work for young people and families and are interested in being part of this group, or attending the next meeting (details above), please make a request initially to Chris Elwell, via the contact us form below.

About the TYA Venue Programmers Consortium

The TYA Venue Programmers Consortium first met in 1990 and has met regularly since then with a broad membership of around 100 venues, averaging about 35-40 attendees at each meeting. The Consortium is un-constituted, non-minuted and is without a formal agenda, working to Chatham House Rules providing an open, safe space for discussion.

In January 2022, after consultation with the group, we decided to programme a blend of in-person and Zoom ‘chat and pitching’ sessions. The intention is to continue with our three monthly-ish meeting pattern with at least one session a year being a zoom-pitch. The last zoom-pitch session was held in September 2023.

For Zoom events, a typical session would take place between 10:30am-11:45am and include three/four five minute pitches of new work, or work in R&D looking for partners.

For in-person, the host venue for meetings rotates across Consortium members who provide an opportunity to watch a piece of work as part of the day. This varies from a piece in development to a full production.

A typical in-person gathering follows this pattern:

10:45am | Meet, teas and coffees etc.
11am | Main meeting
1pm | Lunch
1:30pm | Opportunity to see a performance, work share or work-in-progress and meet the company for a short discussion.
3pm | End

The Consortium is managed by Chris Elwell at Half Moon with support from Katy Snelling from HOUSE on behalf of the TYA sector.

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