Performance Works – Summer School 2019

Our Performance Works, Disability Summer School (for young people with physical, sensory and/or cognitive disabilities) took place Monday 29 July – Friday 2 August 2019.  Many of our Solar Youth Theatre members took part in the week as well as young people on our waiting list and those who attend services with some of our partner organisations.

On the final day, they brought the week to a close with a wonderful sharing performance in front of family and members of three of our Youth Theatre groups. Check out the videos and photos below.


The Museum of Night Games

Across the week, participants worked on the story, the music and video and created props. Everyone enjoyed working with different artists and exploring their many creative skills. They created a brilliant final sharing that was the culmination of their collective and incredible imaginations.
Set in a mysterious museum, the characters were set a series of challenges that must be completed to avoid total disaster. Could they work together to save the day? Or would the life of the museum be forever in jeopardy?

Check out the different videos they made here: Russia | Robin Hood | Pirates | Jazz Cafe

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Summer School 2019 - The Museum of Night Games

We are very grateful to the Charles S French Charitable Trust, the Edward Gostling Foundation, the Mrs Smith and Mount Trust and St James’s Place Charitable Foundation for funding this summer school.