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Half Moon and Half Moon Presents children’s theatre shows are touring throughout the UK in 2018. Click the venue name to visit their website and book tickets.

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Butterflies / Circles in the Sand / Glisten /  The Goose Who FlewLeaf  / Need A Little Help / Off the GridYoung Herbert’s Horrors Whiteblock



A Tangled Feet and Half Moon co-production for ages 3 – 8

Butterflies lead image - 800x800“I’ve got that funny feeling again… it’s a good thing right?”

Three friends embark on an exciting adventure to chase their butterflies away. They cross new seas to uncharted lands, on a journey filled with discovery. The only trouble is they’re all a bit worried about it! During their voyage the group ride the waves, walk high bridges, skirt deep caves and climb to the sky, before reaching dry land braver than ever before.

Join our intrepid characters as they step into the unknown in an uplifting tale of friendship, courage and facing your fears, told using innovative staging, breathtaking physicality, touching humour and a specially commissioned musical score.

Butterflies is a co-production between award winning theatre ensemble Tangled Feet and Half Moon, the UK’s leading small-scale theatre company creating work for young people.

“Butterflies was received brilliantly. It dealt with anxiety in a sensitive and kind way.”
Nursery and Primary School Teacher

“Totally wonderful. It really expressed exactly what my daughter has been feeling, thank you.”
Parent Audience Member


2018 Tour Dates

The performances in Sheffield will the last for this production on its present cycle.


Circles in the Sand

Half Moon presents a Tam Tam Theatre production for 0-3 years

Slipping through your fingers
Soft between your toes
Grab it, drop it
Where is it gone?

Join us in a world of buckets, castle building, spinning and tumbling in this delightful show for under 3s which explores sand in new and exciting ways.

With no words, and accompanied by an evocative soundtrack of world music, Circles in the Sand is an intimate, imaginative and captivating show, providing the perfect introduction to theatre for the very young.

At the end of the performance, children are invited onto the stage to delight in the feel of the sand as it trickles between fingers and toes.

Circles in the Sand is created by award-winning theatre director Sarah Argent and performed by the enchanting actor Marleen Vermeulen.

#TamTamCircles | @halfmoontheatre

2019 Tour Dates

  • Friday 8 February – Half Moon Theatre, London E1
  • Saturday 9 February – Half Moon Theatre, London, E1
  • Sunday 10 February – artsdepot, London N12
  • Saturday 16 March – Oxford Playhouse, OX1
  • Friday 21 June – Farnham Maltings Arts Centre, GU9
  • Tuesday 16 July – Hat Factory, Luton, LU1

The performances on February 8th are the first for this production. More dates coming soon.



Half Moon presents a Daniel Naddafy production for 0-18 monthsIMG_8779 - web

Come in, relax, find a space and settle.
Slowly, a shimmering surface emerges.
What does it look like?
How does it move?
Listen, what can you hear?
Welcome to a world of shiny things.
Welcome to Glisten!

Glisten is an interactive performance for babies aged 0-18 months and their grown-ups. The audience are taken on a gentle and immersive journey exploring the world of reflective materials wrapped up in an ambient soundscape of evocative yet laid-back music. Watch as the empty space of the theatre fills with colour, sounds and surprises, creating a sensory landscape ready to explore after the performance is over.

Glisten is performed to a small audience creating an intimate and welcoming theatrical experience, beautifully co-created by theatre-maker Daniel Naddafy and visual artist Phoebe Stubbs.


2019 Tour Dates

  • Saturday 6 April – Half Moon Theatre, London, E1
  • Monday 15 April – The Place, London, WC1H
  • Thursday 25 April – Watremans Arts Centre, Brentford, TW8 0DS
  • Friday 26 April – Farnham Maltings Arts Centre, GU9
  • Tuesday 14 May – The Library Theatre, Luton, LU1
  • Sunday 19 May – The Lowry, Salford, M50

The performances on 6 April are the first for this production. More tour dates coming soon. Note the performance on 19 May will the last of the tour


The Goose Who Flew

Half Moon presents a Lots of Odds Theatre production
for ages 3-7The Goose Who Flew. Photo by Stephen Beeny (1-web)

If I was a goose, who flew, what would I do? Where would I go? I know, do you?”

Goose loves the summer, playing with his family and friends – swimming on the rivers, flying above the treetops and singing under the gaze of the full moon. When the days start to become colder, Goose knows it will soon be time to fly south for the winter. But, as his journey begins, things are not as they should be. Down below, a border has appeared and there are barbed wire fences and flashing lights.

The Goose Who Flew is a heartfelt story about the importance of compassion, community and understanding. Using charming storytelling, simple puppetry and an assortment of quirky characters – including his metallic friend Bolty, paper-loving official Whiskers and a feathery jazz singer called Flossy – this delightful new show offers an age appropriate exploration of the issues facing people who seek safety in a new land.


2019 Tour Dates

  • Friday 1 February – Half Moon Theatre, London, E1
  • Saturday 2 February – Half Moon Theatre, London, E1
  • Saturday 9 February – Lyric Hammersmith, London, W6
  • Tuesday 19 February – The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury, CT1
  • Thursday 21 February – South Street Arts Centre, Reading, RG1
  • Sunday 3 March – Cambridge Junction, CB1
  • Saturday 23 March – Oxford Playhouse, OX1
  • Saturday 12 April – Brighton Dome, BN1
  • Sunday 13 April – Brighton Dome, BN1
  • Sunday 9 June – artsdepot, London N12

The performances on February 1st are the first for this production. More dates coming soon.



Half Moon presents a Tam Tam Theatre production for 0-3

Leaf-150x150A leaf is born…
It grows and glows in the sunshine and the rain
Then the wind blows and it becomes colder
The leaf changes colour
In the snow, the leaf falls…
But when spring comes, a new leaf grows…

Join us as we tell the life story of a very special leaf in this warm, intimate and playful new piece for under 3s inspired by nature and the seasons. Framed within an evocative soundscape, this is the perfect introduction to theatre for the very young.

At the end of the performance, children are invited onto the stage to play among the leaves and explore a landscape created by the changing seasons.

Leaf is another heart-warming play created by Tam Tam Theatre, whose previous shows for very young children include Circles in the Sand and Curious. The company’s founder, Marleen Vermeulen, created Leaf in collaboration with director Joy Haynes.

2018 Tour Dates

  • Sat 17 November – ARC, Stockton

The performances in Stockton is the last scheduled for this production before it ends it present touring cycle.


Need A Little Help

A Tangled Feet and Half Moon co-production for 2-7s.Need a Little Help 1 photo by Kamal Prashar-300

Joe and Ella are a great team – they make each other laugh, help each other out and tackle all the chores their busy lives throw at them. But one morning things begin to change when Joe gets all tangled up and Ella has to do things alone. What will Ella do now? Will she be able to continue as before, or will it all get too much? If only she had a little help…

Based on the experiences of young carers, the piece explores what it means to look after someone else when you are young.  In a uniquely designed immersive space, the young audience will help the performers look after each other, stepping into the shoes of young carers.

Need a Little Help is a deeply moving and joyfully uplifting piece of interactive and physical theatre from award winning ensemble Tangled Feet, working in partnership with children’s theatre specialists, Half Moon.

This is a reworked version of the show that toured nationally in 2015 reconfigured to be performed in non-traditional settings including community, libraries and school settings. This show is performing as part of the Hopper Scheme 2018.

Adapted for early years settings through Hopper with the support of Take Art, Surrey Arts, China Plate, Arts Partnership Surrey, ACE and Paul Hamlyn Foundation.


2019 Tour Dates

  • Saturday 2 March – Gulbenkian, Canterbury, CT2
  • Monday 4 – Friday 8 March – Luton schools (closed performances)
  • Saturday 16 March – Stratford Circus, London. E15
  • Saturday 23 March – South Street Arts Centre, Reading, RG1

This production is taking a break touring until Saturday 2nd March with its first performances in Canterbury. Sunday 24th March is the last possible scheduled for this production before it ends it touring cycle. More dates coming soon.



Off the Grid

Off the Grid - promo image (square) - 300A Half Moon production for  ages 13+

“I trade in my teenage years for you
To protect you
Create what I never had
So you’ll see how beautiful the world can be”

Connor and Kelly are brother and sister. They share the same birthday, but ten years apart. Since the disappearance of their parents, when Kelly was three, they have been dependent on each other for survival. Connor is everything to Kelly: dad, brother, mum, friend – and storyteller. They’ve learned how important it is to believe in something fantastic when you’re living off the grid.

But what happens when you discover you’ve made the wrong decision? Forced to back down, do you sacrifice your beliefs in order to stay together?

Developed in partnership with young people, Off the Grid is an immersive new play by David Lane that navigates a shocking and heart breaking human story through the underbelly of a hidden society. Follow Connor and Kelly over ten years and discover if their own tale is as hopeful as the fiction they’ve clung on to for their very existence.

Off the Grid is presented by Half Moon, the UK’s leading small-scale theatre company making work for young people and follows on from the company’s 2017 award-winning co-production What Once Was Ours (Off West End OFFIE Award for Best Production for Young People aged 13+; “★★★★★ Stuns the audience into silence,” London Theatre 1).

Off the Grid is written by one of the most exciting writers in the field of work aimed at teenage audiences, his previous work for the company has included Free and Begin/End.

Funded by The Royal Victoria Hall Foundation.




2018 Tour Dates

The performance in Ringwood is the last scheduled for this production before it ends it present touring cycle.





Young Herbert’s Horrors

Half Moon presents a Justin Coe production for ages 4-9.Skeleton small - web

Young Herbert is a little horror. Living on a boat should be the ideal life for a wannabe pirate, but the boat’s grounded until Herbert can learn to tidy his cabin, eat his greens and be more polite. A big storm brews up when Herbert is sent home from school and Mum calls on Great Uncle Albatross – navy captain and scourge of all pirates – to warn him of the dangers of rebellion.

But is Great Uncle Albatross all he seems to be and do his cautionary tales really have the power to make Young Herbert behave? Or will they just give Young Herbert the horrors?

Featuring swashbuckling verse, jaunty music, gallows humour and the obligatory parrot, Young Herbert’s Horrors is Justin Coe’s brand new spoken word show for children, following the highly popular Big Wow, Small Wonder.


2019 Tour Dates

  • Wednesday 20 February – South Holland Arts Centre, Spalding, PE11
  • Sunday 14 April – artsdeport, London N12
  • Sunday 28 April – Farnham Maltings Arts Centre, GU9
  • Thursday 13 June – Half Moon Theatre, London, E1
  • Friday 14 June – Half Moon Theatre, London, E1

More tour dates coming soon.


If you would like to book any of our portfolio of shows for your venue, please see the Venue Programming page.

Butterflies  / Circles in the Sand  / Glisten  /  The Goose Who Flew  / Leaf   / Need A Little Help  / Off the Grid  /  Young Herbert’s Horrors