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Blog: Ezekiel

Half Moon are committed to providing quality work experience opportunities for those interested in a career in the arts and ask all of our students to write a blog about their time with us. Recently we welcomed Ezekiel to Half Moon. Read on to find out what they got up to at Half Moon.

Ezekiel’s Work Experience Blog

My time at Half Moon has been really fun and a lot to do in terms of drama, so thank you Half Moon for taking me for my work experience.

Day 1 – Monday 6 February 

So today was my first day of work at Half Moon. I met my supervisors Jen and Androulla and they were both really welcoming, I had a tour of the building from Jen and got a timetable of my hours, then I got sat at my desk to start some admin work and create a folder, then I went on to grouping some pieces of paperwork for some creative learning. Later, I had my break where I went on a walk to a nearby park which was peaceful.

When I came back after my break, I watched a recorded piece of theatre from Half Moon called Daytime Deewane and it was about two cousins who were different from one another but were both similar. After finishing I had to write a review of what I had just watched then I left at about 3:45pm.

Day 2 – Tuesday 7 February

Today I arrived at 12:10pm but no biggie. I knew I had to create my blog for Monday, so I got straight to it and wasted no time, after that I joined a creative learning workshop which was with 2-year-olds, and it was out of my comfort zone, but I learned how to adapt and rolled with it.

After I had my break which was enjoyable because I visited the River Thames and the Limehouse docks as they were nearby to Half Moon, I enjoyed the sun and took some pictures then returned to the theatre. When I got back, I had another workshop with the youth theatre group called Eclipse where we were working on a play about a murder mystery which was fun to see how the children took on their roles and understanding what to do with themselves.

DAY 3 – Wednesday 8 February

So today I arrived on time at about 10:02am and it was an improvement. The office was a bit quiet today because it was me and Beccy but that didn’t last long, after I finished writing my blog for the day before I had to go to a trainee programme which was on sound in musical theatre.

In that lesson I got to meet new people who had similar interests to me which was fun. We learnt how to use a soundboard and it was really interesting because there are so many things that you could change to alter how something sounds and all the cables that help to do that, we had a break and then I was back at it, we moved onto lighting then after we had to pack away for the next youth theatre group who were coming in, then I was on my way home at about 3:45pm.

Day 4 – Thursday 9 February

Today my train had some delays, so I arrived at Half Moon at 12:30pm. Anyway, after that I changed to a different computer and started to write my blog for Wednesday. I went on my break and took a trip down to McDonalds where I saw one of my friends, so we had a chat and I got back to Half Moon at 4:00pm.

Upon arrival I wanted to finish the task that Lydia had set me and my blog, so I did that for about half an hour then when that was all done I joined an after school club where we were sat in a circle and we were talking about climate change and what we could do to help reduce our impact on the earth, then after that was finished I was on my way home.

Day 5 – Friday 10 February – Last Day

So today was a busy day but also my last day unfortunately. Anyway, upon arrival at Half Moon I was in a different office today as Androulla was back so one was basically full, I started by finishing writing up my blog for the week then at 10:30am I attended a live show of Pinocchio at Half Moon, and it was a nice experience to see how the audience of a younger age reacted to live theatre.

After my break which was a walk by the Thames, me and Androulla took a trip down to Harry Gosling Primary School to talk about Half Moon to the children and it was a really eye-opening experience for both parties then after we returned I finished my blog.

My time at Half Moon has been really fun and a lot to do in terms of drama, so thank you Half Moon for taking me for my work experience.

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