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Hello, my name is Ria, but you can call me Ayesha. I am here to talk about my work experience at Half Moon Theatre. Half Moon Theatre has been an amazing opportunity for me to develop my skills.

Day 1: Monday 10th June 2019

On my first day, I arrived 20 minutes early, at 9.40 so I was prepared for the day. I was quite nervous and shy because I had to meet lots of new people. When I arrived, I met Beccy and was given a work experience pack which gave me a good understanding of what I was going to do. Still fresh in my memory, I remember feeling a bit anxious and scared to tell Beccy that I had finished reading the pack but then finally mustered the courage to do so.

Shortly after reading the pack, I was given a task to input some data onto a Microsoft Spreadsheet of some surveys completed by students. I had a lot of work to do that was quite repetitive and slightly boring. There were so many papers I felt like I was typing for hours. Faye was very friendly and gave me a tour of the fascinating building. Some of the rooms were pretty cool and I enjoyed the tour. Thanks, Faye.

During my lunch break, I went to my college to have lunch and meet my friends. It was a lovely lunch break. After the lunch break I completed some unfinished work that I had left from the morning. I was very proud that I completed my task and typed up all the information.


Day 2: Tuesday 11th June 2019

Guess what… I arrived 20 minutes early again. I started my day by typing up student evaluation forms. Then I saw a play called Circles in the Sand. It was pretty good. In the play there was a pretty lady who was acting like Mr. Bean. She was very funny. The play was for the nursery children. The kids were very sweet and enjoyed the show. It was good to see the families playing together at the end of the show.

After the show Androulla asked me to do some work for her. I had to make a poster for one of the Next Steps groups. This is a creative programme for children in Year 6 who will be going to secondary school in September. I also had to re-name some photos that would be used for a project. I was really happy because I really like drawing and designing. After that I had to put some forms, one by one according by their number, in a folder. After work, I had to go to my college for ambassador work. I do ambassador work for open days at my college.


Day 3: Wednesday 12th June 2019

Today my day started with a cold soft breeze of wind. I travelled along a new path to Half Moon, only to be amazed by what the day brought. My first task was to photocopy 50 pages of a document and make another poster for Androulla.

I also had an amazing experience with ‘Solar’. This is one of the Youth Theatre groups at Half Moon. We played so many games and were acting. I was a part of helping to devise the play; it was so funny. I had so much fun.


Day 4: Thursday 13th June 2019

I had an amazing morning. I started my work at 12 o’ clock. I was excited for work today. I started my day with making posters again. I really enjoy doing this. I made a question poster for Androulla and a Human Rights poster for Beccy.

After that I played games with the Next Steps youth group. I had so much fun, and really loved it.


Day 5: Friday 14th June 2019

Today, on the last day of my work experience I am really sad because I had got used to my job. I have been loving it. I have had so much fun and really enjoyed it. I asked Androulla if I could work here permanently, not just as work experience, but she said they didn’t have any opportunities at this moment. I was really sad because I would love to work here.

My first task today was to trim some Marvel superhero logos because we had a superhero-themed session. I was really happy because I am a die-hard Marvel fan. After trimming them I had to laminate the superhero logos. It was not an easy task.

Today after my lunch break I watched one of Half Moon’s plays called Young Herbert’s Horrors. I had so much fun watching it with the children. The story was so unique: it was about a naughty pirate whose name was Herbert.

I have definitely enjoyed my experience here and I am thankful to the supportive members of staff. I did so much work but still enjoyed it.


Ria came to us from New City College (Tower Hamlets), 10th June – 14th June 2019.

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