Volunteer: Khalilah

Khalilah SquareFor four weeks, I volunteered at the Half Moon Theatre because I needed somewhere to volunteer to complete my Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award. I decided to volunteer at Half Moon because I did work experience there when I was in Year 11 so I thought: why not come back?

In those four weeks I worked with a Youth Theatre group called Moonbeams and I helped them prepare for their showcase. The show they were going to be putting on for their friends and family was a book written by Laura Knowles called ‘It starts with a seed’. The story was told by three narrators and the rest of the cast was behind a white screen and used their shadow puppets to mirror what the narrators were saying.

To prepare for the show, I helped the children make their puppets, went over their lines and I helped them with their projection. I really enjoyed this because I got to work with a group of young people and I saw their confidence grow over the four weeks and as a result, the show was a massive success!