Dominika Lipniewska

Fibs and Other Stories
By Dominika Lipniewska
6 September – 21 December 2019

Fibs, by Dominika LipniewskaA playful collection of artworks by illustrator and designer Dominika Lipniewska, inspired by the subject of white lies told by adults to children – many of them funny and even ridiculous, told to stop young people from behaving badly.

Using geometric shapes and lines to create bold and eye catching graphic designs, Fibs and Other Stories explored the often-humorous subject of white lies told by parents to offspring to protect them from the truth, or because they don’t know the answers to the questions children ask.

In her prints, Dominika uses symbols and metaphors to represent her subjects and invites the viewer to participate by describing their own experiences with childhood fibs.

Originally from Poland, Dominika is an illustrator, author and designer living and working in London, who has books published by Tate Publishing and Button Books. Her titles can be found in bookshops across five continents and have been translated into many different languages. She studied graphic design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and children’s book illustration at Cambridge School of Art and has been working independently since 2013.

Instagram: dominika_lipniewska



Fibs and Other Stories ran from 6 September – 21 December 2019 at Gallery @ Half Moon with an exhibition opening event on Thursday 26 September.