Work Experience at Half Moon: Izahera Selim

Izahera Selim visited us from Bishop Challoner School for a weeks work experience. This is what she had to say about her experience…

Half Moon have given me this incredible chance to work with them for work experience. For the last couple of days for my work experience I have felt like a normal member of staff. Half Moon has treated me with respect and I have more of an understanding of the ‘world of work’. For the last couple of days, I have worked extremely hard to get all my work done as if I was a real employee of Half Moon.

During the time I have spent with Half Moon I have multi-tasked many work deeds such as scanning the art works which children had made and also typing out the Teacher’s evaluation forms at the same time. I also managed to finish all tasks given to me by the team which is a total accomplishment.

One of the things which I have learnt over the last couple of days is that the work isn’t easy at all and you must have patience. However the working environment is not scary as there are many people like you and it’s easy to fit in but you do have to take the work extremely seriously. This is because this is a rare opportunity as only a handful of people get to do work experience at Half Moon.

During my one week of work experience with Half Moon I visited Arnhem Wharf Primary School and saw two classes being taught. The first was in the morning and they were using two different topics to act on such as going to the past and becoming Vikings and the other group was acting out being a World Cup football team. The next class was after assembly and they did the exact same thing but the topics that they did were very different. They had to imagine being in a World War 2 submarine and going to space. Melissa and I took photos of the pupils and we also participated in some games.

As soon as we got back from Arnhem Wharf Primary School I was called to help audition some girls for a role in a play called ‘FREE’ and the character who was being auditioned was called ‘Zara’ which is surprisingly similar to my name but with a different spelling. After the auditions were finished I understood how much it had meant to be the girls being auditioned and how difficult it is to audition many girls for the same part as they all brought different qualities to the character ‘Zara’.

I was fortunate to earn a place for this placement because lots of girls from my school all wanted to go to Half Moon and I was chosen by my year leader to do so. This opportunity has raised my self confidence drastically and I also feel like I am a more social person around my peers and co-workers. My understanding of the ‘world of work’ has also increased and I feel more able to express my character.

I hopefully would like to become a member of staff at the Half Moon Young People’s Theatre in the future! This is an unbelievable opening for my future and I would love to come back and fully work here!

Izahera Selim (23 June 2014 – 27 June 2014)