Blog: Sayka Islam

IMG_5132Sayka Islam has been on Work Experience at Half Moon from 8 to 12 September. Read about her experience below:

Hi Everyone! My name is Sayka and it is nearing towards the end of my work experience here at Half Moon Theatre. I’d like to thank my Drama Teacher Ms Robinson for nominating me to work at Half Moon and I can’t thank her enough for giving me a chance to work in a perfect environment for the first time of the outer world of WORK!

Everything was daunting, it’s your first day you want it to go flawlessly, making sure you arrive early, you’re dressed appropriately, being well mannered, and listening carefully. I was petrified! But on Monday at 9:50 when I first arrived at Half Moon every worry in my head vanished completely. Everyone was so welcoming, like I was already part of the crew. There’s Beccy, Fred, Rich, Jackie, Chris, Euan and Anthony who were all so approachable and warm.

The errands I had to work through were interesting, and I’m pleased I was able to accomplish them with ease as I may have to undertake similar work in the future. But one thing that really stood out for me was how much effort goes into staging a production, how a single light needs to be at the appropriate correlation, or how every prop needs to be angled correctly; it just amazed me how drama needs to be at its best.

Overall I’m speechless about my experience at Half Moon, and I’ve learnt that the working atmosphere is not really revolved around the process of coming into work, doing your tasks and then leaving, but also to enjoy every minute with your colleagues. Likewise, Half Moon Theatre was the whole package; one day I did some office work and handled data, other days I’d be helping Fred with the production settings, or I’d be with Anthony as he taught me how to switch to different setting lights which I found surprisingly fun and gave me some tips for coming into the world of the theatre industry which I appreciated a lot.

Going to school next week will feel so unusual not seeing my friendly colleagues I’m going to miss every one of them! I’m going to miss Beccy hassling me to go home and everyone who I met because they made my work experience extraordinary.

Sayka Islam – 12/9/14